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Your Guide To Saudi Arabia

Where Is Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is located in Asia, the exact location is 24.0000 N, 45.0000 E.Saudi Arabia is right above Yemen and Omani. It is lined by the Arabian sea, the red sea, Persian gulf sea, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and Iraq.

Saudi Arabia is a Arab State in western Asia. The range if area is approximately 2,150,kilometers squared. (830,000 squared miles).It is also the fith largest state in Asia and is the , and is the second largest Arab state.

Laws And Things To Know About Saudi Arabia

  • Woman are required to, according to islamic law, to hide their bodies in abaya to show sign of respect to muslim modesty laws.
  • Woman may not converse with men or show affection in public.
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited in saudi arabia drinking is illegal for all ages.

  • If you are caught with alcohol you can get lashed.
  • Any other religions are banned
  • Banned selling or wearing anything red on valentine’s day

Most popular things to do in Saudi Arabia / Highest populated cities in Saudi Arabia

The Red sea is an ocean located between Asia and Africa.

Scuba diving is also very popular in the Red Sea.

The Boiler Wreck is a popular scuba diving area, many people like scuba diving there.

Fly fishing is really popular, it is another activity usually preformed in the Red Sea.

Al-Samallaghi Est Tour Company does sailing excursions that many people enjoy.


Riyadh is the most populated city in Saudi Arabia, standing at 4,205,961 total population.

Jeddah is the second most populated city in Saudi Arabia, it's just under 3-million at 2,861,446.

Mecca is the third most populated city in Saudi Arabia, the population is 1,323,624.

Food, Government, Religion


  • wheat
  • rice
  • lamb
  • chicken
  • yogurt
  • potatoes

Saudi Arabia's government is Monarchy


Saudi Arabia's religion is 100% Muslim

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Murubbeh Cave

Murubbeh Cave- This is a gigantic cave chamber 150 meters long, and 80 meters wide. It is also 50meters high.It is rich with archaeological and pale-ontological material. The cave serves as a trap of cool air. Throughout the cave the are passage ways filed with thousands of bones.The bones are a big mixture of many different species.

Species Mixture of bones:

*Houses *camels *Gerbils *Gazelles *and humans.

Some of the human bone include details of teeth markings.They are from the predators that once or do live in the cave.Now one Knows what got to them. Some say it was jackals, foxes or hyenas.

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in=inches of rain

January 67F 0in

February 74F 0in

march 80F 0in

april 90F 0in

may 101F 0in

june 106F 0in

July 109F 0in

August 108F 0in

september 94F 0in

October 81F 0in

November 81F 0in

December 71F 0.4in

Populations Of Years In Saudi Arabia!

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