Perseverance across time

Created by: Jeffrey Kim


Perseverance. Its what determines people to not give up and continue on their goal, It pushes yourself to the limits and overcoming fears and becoming brave. Perseverance can happen anyway and in any situation. People in this article are Jimmy Valvano, Nick Vujicic, Noah Gallaway, Jackie Robinson, and Stephen Cannell.
Noah V vs. Noah Gallaway Differences and similarities

Jimmy V

Jimmy Valvano had been a college basketball coach for many teams and had won a championship title. Later in his life he was diagnosed with cancer. he struggled and even had trouble going up stairs. But he faced this problem by talking about how he didn't let cancer control him and raising money to cancer research.

Stephen Carroll

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The Donner Party.

The Donner Party were a group of covered-wagon travelers who were bound to reach California to make their new home. As they travel further supplies get low and the groups expressions change toward each other. But when they reach the Sierra Nevada and Truckee Lake at the start of winter they are hit with foots of snow and almost no food. Still California were still in their minds.After many deaths and their food dropping down to cannibalism, the Donner party persevere through the difficulties and dangers of 150 miles to reach California.