What sociopaths think/Why they think that/Characteristics

Inside the mind of a sociopath

Sociopaths lack conscience. They know what is right and wrong, they know what they should be doing and how they should be acting like, but they do not care. They don't feel remorse or guilt. They do whatever they want, whenever they want. They don't care if they hurt anyone because they have no limits. Sociopaths usually have no emotions, and if they do, they have very little, this makes it very difficult for them to connect with people. They do experience rage and envy full force and that is why they portray aggressive behavior. Sociopaths are unable to love. They view everything in life as a game and feel like they need always "win" that game. They constantly feel the need to win and will do anything possible to be the winner. Sociopaths live to exploit others. They use people to get whatever they need and once they get what they want, they will rid of the person from their life. They see people as objects. Sociopaths feel as if they are superior to everyone else, and feel like it is okay to use and hurt people.

Some characteristics of a sociopath

Some characteristics of sociopaths are:

*High IQ


*Compulsive lying

*Sensitive to criticism




Some famous sociopaths