Internet Safety

Online Safety & Cyberbullying: Know before you post

There's levels to this!

Ok so you are excited about that band that will be in town. Of course, you want to tell all your friends that you got tickets. But guess what, they don't care. They really don't like that group and you post it anyway.

Na Na Na Na Naaaaaaaa

There it goes the first mean comment about the band you like and the fact that you are going to see them, on Friday at 8:30 at Barclays Center. Its's only Tuesday afternoon and 5 different people and even the girl you like knows about it. Ugh! the humiliation. "That group is so last summer."

Be mindful of what you post

Everyone has a favorite band or song. Instead of posting a countdown. Post a picture of you enjoying the concert AFTER you have gone. This way they would be asking how it went, instead of poking fun. They'd secretly wish they went too.

Now this is an example

This group is an example of who I would want to go see, but no one would know until after I went!

Silke Becker 1

New Kids On The Block Step By Step' by Silke Becker 1