Andrew Jackson

War Hero

The Indian Removal Act

The Indian Removal Act said that the Indians had to relocate any where west of the Mississippi River in exchange for Indian lands within state borders. The Indian Removal Act also violated the Constitution. The frontier men approved this decision. But the Cherokee Indians thought otherwise, and they had to be moved by force.

The Nullification Crisis

In the South, there was little manufacturing. The South depended heavily on imported goods. Andrew Jackson put tariffs on imported goods. The South didn't like this at all. Especially South Carolina. South Carolina decided to nullify the tariffs believing they had the right to do so as a state. South Carolina threatened to leave the United States if the tariffs were not lowered. Congress passed the Force Bill. The Force Bill allowed Andrew Jackson and the federal government to send in the U.S. army. South Carolina quickly accepted the 1833 Tariff Compromise when Jackson threatened to lead the army against John C. Calhoun.

Killing the National Bank

In the election of 1832, Andrew Jackson was re-elected. His First priority was to close down the National Bank. He felt that the National Bank was unconstitutional. Andrew Jackson vetoed the the bill to pass the National Bank. The wealthy class didn't like this. The poor and middle class loved Andrew Jackson for destroying the National Bank.

Southerner Letter

Dear Southern Dad,

I hate Andrew Jackson. He put a tariff on the imported goods. But the South relies heavily on foreign goods. South Carolina is going to rebel, and threaten to secede form the U.S. Hopefully Congress doesn't pass a bill that allows Andrew Jackson to do something crazy like send in the U.S. army.


Southerner in South Carolina

Bottom and Middle Class Letter

Dear Bottom and Middle Class,

Andrew Jackson, you are the best president this country has ever had. We love that you have destroyed the National Bank. We agree that the National Bank was unconstitutional. We hated the fact that the National Bank was only for the wealthy folk. Thank you for abolishing the National Bank. The poor and Middle class folk will continue to support and vote for your.


All the Poor and Middle Class People