A City Project By: Elijah Batchelder

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Madrid is in the very center of Spain.

Points of Interest

-Royal Palace

-Royal Theater

-Almudena Cathedral Plaza

Major Rivers or Mountains

The Rio Tajo flows by Madrid and the Kastilisches Scheidegebirge mountain range is nearby.

Historical Facts About Madrid

Madrid has been the capital of Spain since the 17th century

The word Madrid means “Place of many streams.”

Madrid is the highest city above sea level in Europe at 650 meters, or 2,000 feet

Typical Foods in Madrid

-Cocido madrileño

-Callos a la madrileña

-Oreja a la plancha


-Gambas al ajillo

-Bocadillo de calamares

-Patatas bravas

-Soldaditos de Pavía

-Caracoles a la madrileña

-Besugo a la madrileña

-Huevos estrellados

Average Climate in Madrid

What I learned About Madrid

When completing this project, I learned a few things about the city of Madrid. Like I learned that it never really gets that hot there, but it also doesn't get very cold. Also, I learned that there are a lot of weird and different foods in Madrid. Finally, I learned that the elevation of cities in Europe is very low. That is most of what I learned from this project.