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Introducing WordQ+SpeakQ

The first and only tool that integrates word prediction, spoken feedback, and on-demand speech-to-text!

For many, learning to write and then learning to write well is a huge anxiety driver, enough so that students refrain from practicing to write altogether. If unaddressed, many business professionals will carry the same anxiety into the office when writing something as simple, but important, as an email. The combination of WordQ+SpeakQ enables all individuals to develop stronger reading, writing and proofreading habits. Watch the video below for more information on WordQ software.

WordQ+SpeakQ Pilot Opportunity

Jamie Hallewell, a teacher from Champion Schools in Phoenix has been piloting WordQ and SpeakQ for the last 8 months and had this to say about her experience so far:

“Word Q has been such an asset in my classroom. With its help, I have students writing quality, multi-paragraphed essays for the first time! Students, who have struggled all year, are now able to complete grade-level written responses with the help of Word Q. In fact, Word Q has been inspirational in my desire as a teacher to go to grad school to earn my Master’s in Educational Technology.”

This pilot has now been expanded to include all students at Champion, with the support and encouragement of the principal Carolyn Sawyer. We were also asked to note that Champion went from being a C grade school to an A.

If you are interested in assisting your students to feel confident about transferring their thoughts and ideas into writing, through the implementation of WordQ+SpeakQ, contact us about participating in our 120 day pilot project.

WordQ software

Strategic Transitions Inc. visits with the Arizona Charter Schools Association

We are the global representative for WordQ+SpeakQ and were fortunate enough to attend the Educator Summit in Phoenix in July where we were able to introduce WordQ+SpeakQ to members of the Arizona Charter Schools Association.

The response was amazing. Teachers and administrators marvelled at how simple the software was to use and were excited about the impact it could have on improving student achievement and potentially raising school grades.

Strategic Transitions inc.

Should you have questions in regards to implementation strategies, pricing, or any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.