Design Studio 5


Volume 1: August 15, 2014 Welcome to your weekly parent newsletter!


We have been so impressed by your children this week. They love to have fun and love to learn--what a great combination! We are looking forward to our first full week together as we get the chance to focus more on our project base learning. Thank you for the many emails, notecards, and little surprises throughout the week. It made our day.

Kelly and Deb

EPiC Challenge

A special thank you to the parents and volunteers who helped make our first annual EPiC Challenge so awesome. We learned so much about working as a team, encouraging one another, listening to each other, and leadership through this opportunity. Every parent came with a smile on their face and a willingness to pitch right in to make it work. I cannot tell you what that means to a teacher, to know that the parents are right there supporting what we are doing in class.

Content Learning In Studio 5

Reading/Writing: This week we will be doing some groundwork for reading and writing. Most of the year, this will be embedded within our project based units. It is very important that we set ourselves up for success by having a few days of conversations about how to read, think, talk about, and write about what we are reading and researching. We will introduce 3 personalization tools for reading next week including: iReady, Lexia, and MyOn reading. These are three different avenues for helping determine precisely the skills each child needs to advance in English Language Arts this school year.

Spelling: Students took the district spelling assessment this week, so we are ready to go on our spelling program we are going to be using. Students will be coming home with a icon that will link them to the digital spelling program that we will be using. We will send home information about this next week.

Math: At PIE night we will be discussing our new math program a little bit, but I wanted to let you know that our intended math schedule is Mondays and Thursdays we will work on math projects and our math stations. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday we will have large group and small group math instruction. We have gone through all the quarterly standards and made sure that our math projects/stations focus on practice towards mastering those standards. Students will have personalization in mathematics as well, including DreamBox and IReady Math. We will let you know when those are up and functioning. Personalization in math will also mean that students can choose the stations they want to participate in and we will be meeting with small groups to target specific skills.

Cartographer's Project: This week we will officially begin our cartographer's project. Students will be given access to a "Smore" that will house all kinds of resource materials as well as the project objectives and project rubric. Students will be able to choose how they want to showcase their learning of the components of maps outlined in our 5th Grade Social Studies standards. There are several suggested apps that allow students to present their learning on the Smore. There are also some presentation suggestions on the website as well. This site will be available on our class website (link below) as well. A time frame will be determined once we see how our schedule flows this week.

Science: We will be laying the groundwork for our science unit on Scientific Discovery by doing several experiments and investigations throughout the next few weeks. 5th Graders will take the Science MAP test this year, so we will want to make sure that they learn and apply regularly the steps of the scientific method in order to do well on the performance task for.