Music Lyrics

By Harley Wood

How music lyrics have changed?

Music Lyrics have changed dramatically since the 1980's. Rap has the worst lyrics for children because usually the lyrics are swear words or talks about drugs and a bunch of stuff. Since the 80's Rock n Roll has changed a lot because back then rock n roll was all about you feel about rock. Nows Rock N Roll people make Rock N Roll for the way it sounds not for the lyrics. Some bands make it for the lyrics but not much anymore.

Is Rock N Roll bad for you?

In my opinion its not, if im stressed one day then I listen to Rock to lower my stress level. Some people may not like it because its too loud, without Rock N Roll I wouldn't have anything to relieve my stress.

My Opinion on music Lyrics!

Lets start off with my least favorite kind of music, Country. I don't like country because its too slow, and because there voices sound weird. I will never like Country for as long as I live. Another reason why is the lyrics, all it talks about is beer and girls and tractors and cars, you get it. It gets annoying after a while. Next lets shift to rap, I personally like rap, but the only rap I don't like is when they say things so fast the whole song. I like a good chorus or two in a rap song, it what makes it good. The lyrics are bad for children, lucky enough they say the words so fast children wont understand them. Next lets go to Rock N Roll, I have loved it since I was about 6. What makes Rock N Roll so good is the guitar and the singer, if it wasn't for that combination Rock N Roll would be worst than country. Even though depending on the song the lyrics can be about girls and beer, but its just so good to listen to. Overall Rock N Roll is the best kind of music out there regardless of what anyone else says.