10/28 Negotiation Session


District Interest: The district would still like to discuss the option of allowing members from other contract groups to transfer into the teacher group and would retain their original hire date.

Union Response: We do not have an interest in this proposal, at this time, as it does not benefit our current members.

District Interest: Currently our members are required to work a minimum of 93 student contact days to advance on the salary schedule the following school year. (step 7 for 2012 to step 8 for 2013 for example) The district interest is to increase the minimum requirement from 93 days to approximately 124 days.

Union Response: We are currently continuing to discuss the ramifications of such a change and will address this interest at the next session on 11/14.

Mutual Interest: Schedule C – Extra Assignment – Compensation; We looked at schedule C and the formula that is used to calculate points for sports. We will be taking a look at the other activities separately as the sports and activities are hard to compare.