US History

American Dream


What: Drive-in movies are becoming big.

When: During the late 1950's early 1960's.

Where: In a lot of the cities in the United States.

Cause and Outcome of Event or Peron:

Cause: People wanted a different way to watch movies.

Reason: The movie industry was expanding so fast they needed to create another way of bringing in income.

Result: They created the drive-in movie that was a big success.


Significance: This created another way for American families to have fun with the people they love.

To Whom: This was important to families all across America because it gave them an affordable way to have fun.

T.V Industry


What: The T.V industry was growing at an astonishing rate before the war. Even though only 2 hours of television was broadcast per week it still intrigued people to buy one.

When: 1948 was when the television started to become a necessity in every American home.

Where: All across the country in almost every house.

Cause and Outcome of Event or Peron:

Cause: The technology was available and it caused them to create the television.

Reason: People wanted another form of entertainment, so they created the T.V

Result: Now there is at least one T.V in every house in America if not more.


Significance: One of the greatest forms of entertainment was created, now people spend countless hours watching it. There is now over 90 million paid advertisement on T.V per week.

To Whom: This is to all the citizens in America because almost every family has one in their house.