anything but typical

by Nora Raleigh Baskin

Jason Blake

Jason Blake is a 12 year old child who has autisum. Jason has a mom a dad and a brother. Jason has no friends because everyone is mean to him because of his special need, there is one person who is nice to Jason and that is Aron, Aron used to be Jason's friend but he hasn't been invited to a birthday party for Aron since the first grade.

at school

At school it is just a matter of time before something can go wrong. For example kids call him a SPED, this is because in the first grade they had to put a thick purple rub bar band around the desk so he can have something to jiggle with his feet. Further more, in the second grade mathew iverson sent around a note saying `` if you think Jason Blake is a retard sign here`` he got sent to the principles

some pictures

great summer read !!!


Jason feels that when he writes he can be herd. He comes to a glimmer of understanding To Phoenix bird who posts stories to the same online site as he does (story-board). Her name is rebecca . She could be his first real friend, but he is terrfired that if they do meet she will not like him because he is autstic.

must read anything but typical this summer.