Risks and Rewards of Bungee Jumping

by: Ragan Mathias, Emily McFadden, and Jacob Hanz

risks of bungee jumping

risk #1- getting injured

"eye trauma is another risk that can result in retinal hemorrhage or loss of vision".

"minor injuries include bruises and rope burn, dislocations and back injuries".

("9 bungee jumping death statistics")

risk #2- jumping off and dying

"the reported deaths of bungee jumping are said to have resulted by human error, by mishandling harness preparation, or fault hooks on the bridge that break". ("9 bungee jumping death statistics")

rewards of bungee jumping

reward #1- conquering you fear

"here are ten advantages to bungee jumping: conquering fear".

("benefits of bungee jumping")

reward #2- doing something that you have never done before

"we need to summon every ounce of courage and strip away our terrors and inhibitions in order to expierience this sport".

("benefits of bungee jumping")


this shows that bungee jumping is not worth the risk considering you could get seriously injured or you could die. i dont think that you should go bungee jumping when you have a risk of dying. find something else you can enjoy without the hazard of getting hurt or dying. i am sure you can. bungee jumping is definitly not worth the risk.

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