Welcome to Mars!

By Olivia Rodriguez #2

Citta di Vetro is located on Amazonis Planitia, on (of course) Mars!

Citta di Vetro means City Of Glass in Italian. Why is it called the City of Glass, you may ask? Because the future Earthen colony is under a huge glass dome! The dome provides artificial Day and Night using the tinting of the huge glass panels every 12 hours. Also the dome is air tight and protects the people from the suns harmful UV rays. The temperature is always just right to make sure you are comfortable!

Will I still enjoy the comforts of Earth?

Yes, you will indeed will! Your dwellings are domes made out of mined Martian Brick. The homes are comfortable and neat , so you will indeed love them. How will i get around? I have two words for you: Bullet Trains. These fast and Eco-Friendly trains use the attracting and Repelling of magnets both in the ''tracks'' and in the actual train to reach amazing speeds. Believe it or not , but Citta di Vetro has a gym called Mars Fitness! Since space does not really work well with the human body, working out 45 minutes to an hour will help your bones not to get weak and your heart not to decrease. What is the government system that i will be living in? Your government in Citta di Vetro is a federal system of government, and a Democracy, so you will have a say in your city. Do I have many job opportunities on Mars? Yes, there are many jobs you can be a part of. For example: Do you love to see people get better? Then be a doctor! Do you love nature and farming? Then be a Greenhouse farmer! Do you love to run, yet still help people? Then be a Messenger! Do you love tech? Then be an Engineer! Do love the clang of an pickaxe, and want to be a part of Citta di Vetro greatest resource? Then be a Martian Miner! Do you like building things to the extreme? Then be a construction worker!

Want to come to Citta di Vetro now? We make money by selling our strong Martian Bricks to Earth. Who doesn't want Martian Brick?

Citta di Vetro has recycled oxygen to make sure you don't have worry about big air tanks!

Here are some important facts about Citta di Vetro:

Citta di Vetro is 11 miles high and 30 miles across. Companies are funding and sponsoring us, so we can make sure that we have enough money and materials. What about the trip? The trip to Mars is 5 months but it is totally a amazing life experience! Think about it, you are a part of a new colony on Mars. One hundred years from now, people on Mars are YOUR decadents and they are living the dream. Citta di Vetro has renewable WATER and power, and healthy foods from the Greenhouse. Don't you want to be part of the future of Mars and change the way we look at the universe?