Battle Of Camden

By: Emilee Taylor, Ryan Poole, and Zarius Urquhart

Time Period

The Battle of Camden happened in South Carolina on August 16, 1780, During the Revolutionary war in (1775-1783)

Description of the Battle of Camdon

It was a military conflict between the thirteen colonies in America and Great Britain. This battle took place in Camden, South Carolina, which lead to the British victory.

General Horatio Gates went to Camden and forced them to capture the outpost. When Cornwall's heard about them being forced under Gates, he went to meet with the American forces. A lot of the soldiers fled before a single shot was fired. therefor General Gates had to back down from this war.

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American Generals: British Generals:

Horatio Gates Benastre Tarleton

Johann de Kalb Fracis Rawdon-Hastings

Marquis de la Rouerie Lord Charles Cornwallis

Casualties on both sides


324 were killed and wounded


1,000 killed and wounded

1,000 lost as prisoners