Life of natural disasters

Aliza Riggins

plate tectonics

The evidence i have that plate tectonics move is in the book the first picture all of the continents are all together but the second picture it shows them slowly drifting out. The last picture shows the continents not touching. This happens because pieces of earths lithosphere are moving slowly driven by convection currents in the mantle. Plate tectonics explains the formation. movement, and subduction. During subduction gravity pulls one edge of a plate down into the mantle. The rest of the plates also move.


types of erosion

Erosion happens mostly during a earthquake where a big piece of rock or mineral breaks into little piece's. the three types of erosion is deposition, Compaction, Cementation. The worst erosion is deposition. The one that causes least change to earth is cementation.

Rock and roll into minerals

It starts out with a igneous rock and by weathering and erosion that rock then turns into a sedimentary rock with heat and pressure what used to be a sedimentary rock then turns into a metamorphic rock and by heating the rock goes back into a igneous rock.


There are two ways minerals form one way is when hot magma cools into earths crust. The second way is by crystallization. we can test minerals to see what kind of mineral it is. One way to test minerals is to scratch it. A another way to test minerals is to rub it against another mineral.

What I Liked

I liked that using smore and the new program.