Where men win glory

:the odyssey of pat tillman by jon krakauer

Where men win glory: the odyssey of Pat Tillman was a story about a football player with an offer from the NFL to play professional football decides after the Attacks of 9/11 to join the army.Pat Tillman died in Afghanistan despite being initially sent to Iraq.What brought a lot of peoples interest to Pat Tillman's story was he died under quite suspicious circumstances which were not initially revealed what made Pat Tillman's case different than the many tragic deaths in Afghanistan was he was Killed by friendly fire and the United States Government attempted to cover it up.The Writer of this book, Jon Krakauer,interviews fellow soldiers as well as friends and family about Pat Tillman to find out about him as a person and the case surrounding his death in Afghanistan.Jon Krakauer also used journals and letters From Pat Tillman to get an insight on his point of view on the war.
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Pat Tillman in this book was described as a very well educated man.He was a natural free thinker he did not automatically do what everyone thought he was going to do especially in the instance of choosing not to join the NFL but the army.Pat Tillman was a very patriotic and proud man who would not sit by and let his country be attacked.He was a Characterized in the book as a very honorable and driven man who would had a determination to finish his full three year responsibility as a soldier.Pat Tillman was a man of values, he was very selfless and not greedy shown by the fact that he was offered a multimillion dollar contract to join the NFL but decided the army needed him more than the NFL did.
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The Author of this book, Jon Krakauer, Uses the literary element characterization to further the story line and to help the reader find a sort of bond with Pat Tillman. When someone reads about a persons death they often don't understand the tragedy of the situation but the writer makes the reader understand who Pat Tillman was as a person making it feel like there is a connection. Jon Krakauer also used the literary element setting mentioning Pat Tillman being initially sent out to iraq from american and then eventually coming to his death in southeastern Afghanistan. The setting influenced the plot deeply, creating an idea of what it was like for the character n the situation he was put in.
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This book was very interesting and captivating for the reader with a tragic yet interesting plot-line. This book should be praised because it is very well written. This book should be recommended to any and all readers.The author of this book had done a very good job of making the reader connect to the character and feel sorry for the tragedy happening.This book would be liked by all readers with very intriguing points on the perhaps attempt at covering up of Pat Tilman's death by friendly fire.