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Parent Newsletter, LVES 2022-2023, Edition10, Oct. 7, 2022

It's the Most Wonderful Day of the Year!

Friday, October 28, we will be celebrating the spooky season here at school. Students and staff are encouraged to dress up and the building will be decorated! All that we ask is that there be no masks, no toy weapons, and no scary costumes. Other than that, let's have some fun!
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Pumpkin Parade

We'd like for our students to have a great experience on October 28th! During our Pumpkin Parade, the office staff will be providing kids with goodies as they pass by the office along their walk. If you wish to send non-candy (pencils, bubbles, stickers) treats for your child's class, any deliveries must be made before 10am since the office will be busy providing a great experience for our students and we will be unable to deliver any items past this time.
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Forgot Your Password?

Did you forget your password for the Ascender Parent Portal? Instructions below on how to reset your password so you can go into your account and see your child(ren)'s grades and attendance. Any questions regarding Parent/Student Portals, please email registration@lagovistaisd.net
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Front Door Hours

Just a reminder that our front doors are open to parents from 7:45-2:45. If you are making a delivery, please do so during those hours. For safety reasons, we will not answer the door before 7:45am.

Free and Reduced- Price Meal News

As a reminder, LVISD transitioned back to Free and Reduced-Price Meals for the 22-23 school year. The federal government is no longer funding the free lunch program, which was part of the COVID-19 pandemic aid package. All families are encouraged to fill out the Free and Reduced-Price Meals applications. If your child previously received free or reduced-priced meals, a new application must be received to determine if your child still qualifies. Previous free and reduced-meal eligibility has now expired. You can fill out the Free & Reduced Meal application online at MySchoolApps by clicking on the following links:

For questions regarding applications, please contact Michelle Jackson, and for questions regarding student purchases, please contact Jennifer Porter.

Child ID Kits in Friday Folders

Our district distributed an in-home child identification kit to your child on behalf of the State of Texas in Friday folders today. Please understand that there is no obligation to fill out the kit, but it will allow you to have a set of fingerprints and DNA for your child in case of an emergency that you can turn over to law enforcement.
These kits are to be STORED AT HOME and only to be given to law enforcement in case of an emergency.
We are always looking for ways to protect our students from harm or assist in their safety.
Please make use of this gift, fill it out and store it in a safe place at home.

Our Week In Pictures

Viking Pride Table Guests

Teachers each chose students that they felt were exemplary Vikings this week by displaying respectful, responsible, safe, and kind behavior. Those students got to sit at the Viking Pride VIP table at lunch today. Here are just some of the awesome Vikings!
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3rd Grade- Project Vinatta

Hello 3rd Grade Parents/Guardians and Students!

We are looking for a few good 3rd grade students to be a part of Project Vinátta, our student kindness coalition! Vinátta is the Viking term for friendship, and each year we have a goal of becoming a designated No Place for Hate© campus, awarded by the Austin chapter of the National Anti-Defamation League. In order to receive this valued designation, our campus forms a select student coalition group that will help plan and implement three school-wide activities during the school year.

Students who participate in the Project Vinátta Student Coalition should be:

  • Interested in promoting a positive, respectful, hate-free, bully-free environment/culture at Lago Vista Elementary School;

  • Role Models that show respect and kindness to their peers and their teachers, and look for ways to include others;

  • Committed to attending all meetings and contributing as a productive member of the Project Vinátta Student Coalition.

If your student is interested, they may pick up an application from me or their teacher. Applications should be returned to me by Wednesday, October 12, and students selected for the coalition will be notified by October 14.

For more information on Project Vinátta and the student-led campus coalitions, please visit: Lago Vista ISD Bullying Prevention and Project Vinátta Information on our district website.

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Amy Sexton

School Counselor


512-267-8300 ext. 4504

¡Hola, padres/tutores y estudiantes de 3er grado!

¡Estamos buscando algunos buenos estudiantes de 3er grado para ser parte del Proyecto Vinátta, nuestra coalición de bondad estudiantil! Vinátta es el término vikingo para la amistad, y cada año tenemos el objetivo de convertirnos en un campus designado No Place for Hate ©, otorgado por el capítulo de Austin de la Liga Nacional Antidifamación. Para recibir esta valiosa designación, nuestro campus forma un grupo selecto de coalición de estudiantes que ayudará a planificar e implementar tres actividades en toda la escuela durante el año escolar.

Los estudiantes que participan en la Coalición de Estudiantes del Proyecto Vinátta deben ser:

  • Interesado en promover un ambiente/cultura positivo, respetuoso, libre de odio y sin intimidación en la Escuela Primaria Lago Vista;

  • Modelos a seguir que muestren respeto y amabilidad a sus compañeros y maestros, y busquen formas de incluir a los demás;

  • Comprometido a asistir a todas las reuniones y contribuir como miembro productivo de la Coalición de Estudiantes del Proyecto Vinátta.

Si su estudiante está interesado, puede recoger una solicitud mía o de su maestro. Las solicitudes deben devolverse antes del miércoles, 12 de octubre, y los estudiantes seleccionados para la coalición serán notificados antes del 14 de octubre.

Para obtener más información sobre el Proyecto Vinátta y las coaliciones universitarias dirigidas por estudiantes, visite: Prevención del Bullying e Información del Proyecto Vinátta en el sitio web de nuestro distrito.

¡No dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo si tiene alguna pregunta!

Amy Sexton

Consejero de la escuela


512-267-8300 ext. 4504

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Picture Day- October 27

Say cheese! Picture day for the elementary school will be Thursday, October 27. Start practicing your smiles!

Yellow Car Tags

If you need a yellow car tag please email Mrs. Kuske at mkuske@lagovistaisd.net. Once you do so she will send it home in your students backpack either on the day the request was made or the following school day.

Dropping off items?

Please drop off items on the left hand side table. There are labels and pens, please include your students first and last name, grade level and teacher. All items must be delivered before 9:30am. If you are dropping off medication please pick up the phone and ask for the school nurse.

Picking your child up early?

Be sure to have your driver's license with you at all times. Even if you are in the raptor system just in case. Please plan on arriving before 2:45pm to pick up your student. You may email your student's teacher to let them know if you're picking up early so that they can be sure to have their things packed up before that time. You may not email teachers to send students to the front office at a certain time. For safety, parents must sign out their student on Raptor and have your ID scanned. Mrs. Kuske (Marcy) will then verify that you are authorized and call for your student. If you need assistance please pickup the phone in the foyer.

Thank You Thursdays!

Introducing a day to show our Teachers appreciation by helping make their job just a little easier. If you would like to help in a Teacher's classroom, Thank You Thursdays will be the day! Here are the steps that must be followed if you wish to participate:

1. All visitors in the building must have a background check when we have students in the building. Please print and complete this background check ahead of time and deliver to the Administrative Building at 9039 Bar-K Ranch Road. Once cleared:

2. Reach out to the Teacher/s via e-mail for any help they might need.

3. Coordinate a time to come in on Thursday.

Thank you for supporting our Teachers!

LVES Watch D.O.G.S

First off, thank you so much for your interest in our Watch D.O.G.S program. We are excited to be able to get this awesome program up and running for our students. All interested Watch D.O.G.S who have submitted an application have been e-mailed.

Our orientation date is dependent upon all background checks clearing. As soon as we are notified that all background checks have been completed and cleared, we will reach out again with our orientation date and time.

Please note that all background checks need to be submitted every school year. This means that if you submitted and cleared a background check last school year, you'll need to resubmit a new one for this school year.

We are looking forward to having you on our campus as a Watch DOG soon!

Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning is a new specials class that has been added this year. It is taught by Mrs. O'Brien and students rotate through it along with PE, Art, and Performing Arts. Mrs. O'Brien teaches the following big ideas: responsible decision making, relationship skills with peers, self-management, and social awareness. Each class will meet with Mrs. O'Brien once a week. Classes focus on age appropriate lessons like what does it mean to be a good friend, conflict resolution, and nurturing a culture of kindness at school.

10/12-10/13: Wrapping up responsibility lessons.

10/14-10/21: We're moving on to Self-Management. Now that we know how to identify our feelings, how can we deal with them appropriately?

All grade levels K-3 doing grade level appropriate work with Self Regulation and Calming Strategies.

10/24-10/31: Building on self regulation and calming strategies from previous rotation.

Lunch Sign-ups

We are happy to invite parents to eat lunch with their child again this year! Thanks to our new and improved lunchroom, we are able to offer more slots for parents, but we still have to have sign ups for safety and security purposes. I have limited sign ups for each parent to 3 per semester just to ensure that everyone who wants an opportunity to come eat with their child gets one.

Please see a staff member in the cafeteria if you are surprising your child so that we can help you locate him/her.

PK/K Lunch Sign Up


1st Grade Lunch Sign Up


2nd Grade Lunch Sign Up


3rd Grade Lunch Sign Up



You will begin receiving daily emails when your student misses school regardless of if you already let someone know. You have 3 days to submit an email/doctor note to charris@lagovistaisd.net. Please include your student's first and last name and reason for missing. When you receive your daily email notification and you have already contacted Mrs. Harris, please disregard. There is no need to send an additional response or send in the original doctor note if you already emailed it to Mrs. Harris. Please allow a week for attendance to be updated in your Parent Portal before reaching out. If you have any questions, please contact charris@lagovistaisd.net.

Daily Schedule

7:20 Doors open, breakfast is served

7:35 Teachers begin welcoming students into class

7:45 Tardy bell rings, breakfast closed

9:25 Attendance Time

10:45-11:15 PK/K Lunch

11:20-11:50 1st Grade Lunch

11:55-12:25 2nd Grade Lunch

12:30-1:00 3rd Grade Lunch

3:20 Dismissal

Thank You to All of Our PTO Business and Individual Sponsors! Please Support these Businesses that Support Us!

Elite Business Sponsorship

Austin Pergolas http://www.austinpergolaco.com/

Infrastructure Recruitment Group http://www.irgtalent.com

Northlake Church https://mynorthlake.com/

1431 Real Estate http://www.1431RealEstate.com

The Adamo Law Firm https://adamolawfirm.com/

1st Fire Safety https://www.1stfiresafety.com/

Dominos https://www.dominos.com

FSG Construction Group https://foamsalesgroup.com/

Hatch Agency Real Estate https://www.hatchagencyre.com/

Kuske Agency- Farmers Insurance https://agents.farmers.com/tx/lago-vista/arlene-kuske

Waterloo Auto Spa

New Heights Garage Training

Northlake Heating and Cooling https://www.northlakeheatingandcooling.com/

The Hamilton's

Lakeside Subs https://www.lakesidesubs.com/

Younger Homes https://www.younger-homes.com/

Ranch Road Jewelry https://ranchroadjewelry.com/

Respiro Properties https://respiroproperties.com/

Gold Business Sponsorship

Local Oaks Tree Services https://localoaks.com/

Premier Cleaning

North Shore Eye Care https://www.northshoreeyecare.net/

Urban Air & Heat LLC https://www.facebook.com/urbanairandheat

Silver Sponsorship

Addicted to Glamour https://www.facebook.com/AddictedToGlamour

The Beanstalk Consignment Shop https://www.thebeanstalk.net/

Chirofit Wellness Center http://chirofitwellnesscenter.com/

Halls Roofing & Sheet Metal, INC www.hallsroofing.net

Northshore Outdoor https://www.facebook.com/NorthshoreOutdoorLago

PTO Member Donors


Sam and Jessica Adamo

Jason and Nancy Casias

Craig and Olivia Devine

Dennis Henderson

Jonathan and Jennifer Joshua

Rachel Kokel

Sonia Lopez Martinez

Sarah Ogle

Christian and Jessica Ross

Courtney Stockard

Kelsey Tavares

Grant Blackburn

Amber Deaton

Amy Estes

Teri Hamilton

Kara Jones

Chad & Nikki Kallina

Kelsey Koreshev

Renee McCharen

Janine Ramsey

Vernon Reher

Sara Farkas

Boules Family

Bernadette & Burl McAlvain

Heather Walker

Rachael McConnell

Jenna & Aaron Parkinson

Sarah Schroeder

The Parra Family


JV Dougherty Construction

Jonathan and Lisa Whitted


Cynthia Davis

Hannah Hoch

Bryan Tavares

Jennifer Brown

Lacey Culberth

Natalie Johnson

Lori Longoria

Courtney Moreau

Tricia Vasquez

Bethany Canales

Cara Harper

Pam Lamb

Kerri Walker

Josh and Stephanie Sattler

Angela Edwards

Heather Womack

Michelle Heston

Sherry Stevenson

Emilee Samples

Amy Sexton


Amber Lauer

Jessica Orr

John Palka

Katie Palka

Chris Riccobene

Rachel Alfano

Kyle & Lindsey O’Brien

Bailey Adkins

Cara Harper

Holly Jackson

Rachel Donahue

Coco Foster

Janna Oliver

Adrene Henninger

Stephanie Aromy

Debbie Crowsey

Whitney Curry

Kathryn Hayhurst

Adrienne Henninger

Kathie Voisinet

Cafeteria Information

Breakfast price- $1.75

Lunch price- $2.90 (Adult- $3.40)

To add money to your child's account- https://www.myschoolbucks.com

Link to free/reduced lunch application in English- https://www.myschoolapps.com/Application

Link to free/reduced lunch application in Spanish- https://www.myschoolapps.com/Application

From the Nurse

Dear Parents,

With a new year back in gear, we wanted to update everyone on this year's Covid Protocol. Instead of students staying home for any single Covid symptom, we have differentiated the symptoms into milder and more serious ones. Please see the different symptom lists here. The number of restricted days has also changed from 10 days to 5 days of isolation.

We hope this helps clarify the process for everyone.
Please don't hesitate to call Nurse Foster if you have questions.

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Volunteer Opportunity

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Stay Alert System

StayALERT is a bilingual, confidential website, e-mail, phone and texting avenue for students, teachers, staff, parents and community members to be able to confidentially report unsafe behaviors, suspicious activities, bullying, acts of violence, harassment, and a host of other potential disruptors to school safety. Reportable information will be forwarded in a timely manner to a pre-designated school official for review.

Community Opportunities

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LV Youth Basketball

It's that time of year once again. Early-bird registration is live for the 22-23 season and will end on on 10/15 and we can't wait to see your kiddos come our for basketball. Get signed up today!

Please use the direct link to register as parts of our site are still under construction.


Also, don't forget to like our page and follow us @LagoVistaYouthBB to stay up-to-date on all the latest and greatest from LVYBB.

P.S. If you've already signed up, awesome! Look forward to seeing you in November.

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