Monument à paris

History of the Notre-dame

-The Notre dame is a Gothic cathedral.

- Its one of the first Gothic cathedrals ever made.

-The Notre dame is over 800 years old.

-It took almost 300 years to construct.

-The cathedral was first being constructed on 1163 and it was finally opened on 1345.

-Maurice De Sully was the designer of the cathedral. He wanted a worthy cathedral for the -largest city in France.

-When it was official they were gonna build the church residents and the entire population participated on constructing it.

Notre-dames nickname

A very brave girl that helped France fight against England. France won many fights against England. But after all that Joan of arc (the brave girl) was captured by the Burundians(Africans). She was then accused of heresy. So she was burned at the stake. (They tied her to a wooden pole and then set her on fire.She was alive while being burned to death) On July 7th 1456 she was declared innocent. In 1909 pope Pius X beatified(bless) in the famous Notre-dame cathedral in pairs.


The Notre-dame is located in a paris island called IIe de la cite.

Fun Facts

  • The notre-dame has one of the worlds largest organs and immense church bells.
  • The cathedral is referred to :Notre-dame de paris.( Our lady of Paris ) or just Notre-dame (Our lady).
  • The towers are 69 meters high (387 steps).
  • The south tower holds the 13 ton Emmanuel bell.
  • The notre-dame has the crown of thorns which Saint louis bought in 1238.
  • Each sunday atleast 3 masses are held in the cathedral.