Schrödinger: Get to know the Family

Issue 3 April 2016


Happy Friday Schrodies!

Alex is a recent joiner to Capco and part of the Digital Leadership team.

He will tell us a bit about some of the stuff he is working on and who is one person he'd love a game of chess with.

Where are you from/background information?

So whilst I was born in Johannesburg, I’m a Brit through and through. In Blighty I have lived all over the place and my current home is a little village in Sussex.

Work wise I’m digital to the core… although having designed yachts, implemented ERP systems and rolled out lean manufacturing (Total Quality) my entrance into the world of digital hasn’t been text book. I started with a dot-com, for me the challenge is the adventure, making digital the perfect platform. Over the years I’ve worked both client and agency-side, most notably with Akzo Nobel, M&C Saatchi, AKQA and AnalogFolk.

At CAPCO I’m part of the Digital Leadership Team advising brands on the strategic development of revenue generating or category differentiating digital products and services. What I love about CAPCO is that we really can transform our clients’ businesses.

What makes you laugh/happy?

Getting out for a sail in my 49er, mucking about with my daughters, they are such sponges at the moment. Lastly solving customer experience problems at work. Yes it does sound a little cheesy but we all have to have a reason for getting out of bed in the morning.

If you had an extra hour a day, how would you spend it?

With my girls, all 3 of them. Victoria, my wife and my two daughters Hope and Amber.

When was the last time you did something for the first time and what was it?

Joining a consultancy, 2 months ago… yep I’m a newbie aside from that I’m in the middle of building some outdoor furniture with old palettes, apparently all the rage in the country.

If you could go anywhere on holiday, where would it be and why?

The moon, I hear the views of the earth are amazing and killing two birds with one stone, it would be good to get a game of chess in with that old man from the John Lewis advert.