Pocket Sized Death

The Mini Murderers


This article was about teenagers spending too much time on there electronics. 53 hours a week is the average time a teen spends on electronics. That much time a week is dangerous to young brains that are not fully developed. Kids can't put down the elctronic devices because they keep calling them back too them with notifications.

Do you think digital distraction is a big issue for learners today?

Yes, I think it is a problem because, "58% of pedestrian deaths are kids under age 19. Experts believe these tragedies are mainly due to digital distraction," and on page 7, " 1 in 3 people cross the street using their phones."

Mason Carlson 6th Hour

How will this article change my cell phone usage?

It will not because I don't use an electronic device 7 hours a day. I only use them about three hours at the MOST in one day. Not 7. Mostly, I use them for about an hour a day.