Coniferous Forest

Abiotic Factors

- Temerature

- Climate

- Seasons

In the winter it can be very cold and in the summer it is still very cold.

Biotic Factors

- Fox

- Deer

- Owls

Almost all of the animals in the Coniferous forest were created or have adapted to the cold weather.

The Food Web

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The Coniferous forest is a cold biome with harsh cold winters. There are a large variety of trees/plants and animals. The trees in this biome are all evergreens that way they can still survive in the winter. The animals there have adapted the mostly brown fur color to blend with the dark green grass and brown trees. There are also many freshwater fish in the Coniferous forest biome.
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Humans effect the environment.


-Wildlife Preservation.

-small man made fires to burn away deseased trees.


-Clear cut logging


Interesting facts

Every 12.9 seconds an acre of trees are cut down in the coniferous forest.
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