All About Angela Garcia

All About Me

Ten things About Me

1. I love cats

2. My favorite show is Supernatural

3. I penny-board

4. I listen to rock/alternative, remixes/dubstep, 80's music

5. I love to write (trying to get into spoken word)

6. My favorite colors are blue, purple, maroon

7. I've dyed my hair many colors

8. I like rainy days and my favorite season is fall

9. I don't plan on going to college

10. I love marching season

My Most Embarrassing Moment

In my fourth grade class we used to have this headboard electronic device at the front of the class. Keep in mind it wasn't like a projector where the wall could hold it up. As I was walking at the front of the class, I tripped over the legs of the board and I fell on the floor. It doesn't sound embarrassing, but it was. And I'm a very shy person so I ran out the classroom and cried outside.

Additional Photographs

Strange questions I've Been Asked

1. Are you "emo" ?

2. What questions do you hate being asked?

3. Why do you always wear flannels or wear over sized clothes?