Tour in Malaysia


Malaysia is a beautiful country, malaysia has a good people n I thingk if you wont relax your body you can tour to malaysia and in malaysia you will see some beutiful place like

some interesting things in malaysia

Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia


Nasi lemak is one of the favorite foods of the Malays, especially the breakfast menu. Nasi lemak is rice cooked using coconut milk, which is actually similar to coffè Indonesian version. But sometimes it cooked nasi lemak pandan leaves to add flavor. Usually people eat nasi lemak Melay accompanied with steamed egg, cucumber, fried fish and sambal bleary.


Lemang is a kind of food traditions that exist only when Hari Raya. Lemang has been known as a special dish in Malaysia since 1864. Traditional food is served with rendang or serundeng. Lemang made ​​from sticky rice and coconut rice. Lemang rice will be wrapped in a banana leaf and then burned. How to cook like this is one of the traditional cooking methods, native of Malaysia.