Forensic Science


About me

Welcome! My name is Mrs. Janahy Velarde Luna and I will be your Forensic Science teacher this year. Let me begin by telling you a bit about my educational background. I am an Alumni of the University of Texas at El Paso, class of 2012 and 2014. I first earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology with a Minor in Secondary Education. My second degree is a Masters Degree in Teaching Chemistry. My goals this year are to teach you the importance of responsibility and respect towards others. My wish for you is to graduate and become an integral part of our society! To do this, we will need to work as a team. Students: attendance matters! Be here every day! Parents: I encourage you to become avid supporters of your child's education.


We will be using Edmodo this year. You will be required to set up an account. We will be taking quizzes on this platform (daily grades) and you will have access to powerpoints and other assignments on here as well. When setting up account use the following format for login information:

  • Username: Last Name First Name , all in lower case, no spaces ex: smithmike
  • Password: School Student ID number

It is not required that you add an email address. If you would like to receive emails when the page is updated, you may add an email address.

Using Remind

Remind is a FREE APP that allows teachers and students to communicate safely. It allows you to receive text messages from me about upcoming due dates, assignments, tests etc. You may message me Monday - Friday between the hours of 4:10 and 8:00 p.m. I have attached the directions for the service below.

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Extra Credit Opportunities

  • Keep an organized agenda with assignments, due dates, tests, etc. for ALL classes.
  • Attend school events (Must say Hi! to Mrs. Velarde)

Aurasma APP

1. Download the app.

2. Using the search bar find "jvelar02" and follow the channels.

3. Use the scanner to find auras!


1. Be on time. This habit is good for life, not just the classroom.

2. Always greet me with good morning/good afternoon. Also, make eye contact.

3. Put your cell phone down and smell the roses (learn science). Life is going on around you. Enjoy it!

4. Call me by my last name. I learn your name (and 150+ others). You can do it.

5. Under no circumstances is cussing allowed. I won't do it and neither will you. This includes racist/sexist remarks.

6. Do not sharpen your pencil while I am talking, it's rude.

7. The trash can is not a basketball net. Get up and throw your trash away. Do not toss.

8. Please do not spray perfume/cologne in the classroom.

9. During a fire drill, come back immediately. This is not the time for a restroom break.

10. If you are absent, first ask a classmate what you missed. You can also check the calendar on the bulletin board.

See me for clarification if necessary.

11. If I ask "does anyone have a question?" It is implied I am referring to the lecture. Do not raise your hand and ask, "can I go to the restroom?" The answer will be no.

12. When a substitute teacher is present all class rules/expectations still apply. They deserve the same respect that you would give me.

13. If I choose a consequence for your action, do not argue with me. You may speak to me after class.

14. Think before you speak & act.

15. Be open to learning and always try your best.