iPads for Teaching and Learning

The trend sweeping the nation!


What are the advantages?

When used appropriately an iPad can be a very resourceful tool for every classroom. This one tool can unlock each student's individual creativity and help to motivate them to complete tasks. The iPad can be set up for individual students and their personal needs. It gives the teacher another source for assessment of the student’s knowledge.

Why are schools jumping on the iPad bandwagon?

There is too much evidence on the improvement of student's knowledge to not jump on this bandwagon. The research shows marked improvement in all areas of testing. All schools are looking to not only improve their test scores but also improve student learning.

What’s so cool about an iPad?

The iPad is considered cool because it is the new norm in technology that is being used in their personal lives already. The students feel excited using a device they are comfortable about. They get an intimate connection from the personable use of it.

What about the entertainment value?

The entertainment value is also a key factor in the use of it. The students will use most apps and not even feel like they are learning. The lessons are set up in fun and interactive games.


Advantages of iPads in Education

iPads in Education?

iPads in the Classroom

Digital Textbooks

Thanks to the iPad, students can access their textbooks digitally. Instead of carrying around a mountain of textbooks, students can carry a lightweight tablet. This helps the environment by having less waste since textbooks use so much paper and are constantly being updated. Digital textbooks are also much cheaper than the traditional books. (http://tablets-textbooks.procon.org)

Improving education

Research has shown that the use of iPads in kindergarten leads to marked improvement in literacy. As students get older, they are performing higher on national tests after using iPads in the classroom. Even on the college level, students are proving to be able to study better with the use of iPads. (http://www.securedgenetworks.com/blog/8-Studies-Show-iPads-in-the-Classroom-Improve-Education)

Engaging classroom

The use of iPads make the students feel more involved, because it is in their native language. This creates a more comfortable environment for the student. The interaction between the lesson and the student becomes more intimate this way. They instantly become engaged in the lesson at hand once they are comfortable and feel they are being met on their own levels of interest. (https://teachingwithipad.org/2013/12/09/how-ipads-can-create-a-more-engaging-classroom/)

iPads in Special Education

iPads for Special Needs

Different ways to learn for every kind of learner.

Apple has many features that assist those with a variety of special needs. There is a Guided Access feature that allows the students to stay on task. It places restrictions on the home button so the child cannot leave the app. You can even set limitations on certain areas on the screen so wandering fingers do not disrupt the app. There are features that allows texts to be read aloud for the user, or the user can dictate and it will turn it into text. Safari reader is a big help for those with sensory overload. This feature removes all the clutter from a web page so just the main text can be read and focused on. (http://www.apple.com/education/special-education/ios/)

Breaking Down Barriers

There are so many barriers blocking some students from learning. The iPad is one tool that helps break those down. The iPad itself helps to get the students engaged from the start. In special needs classroom, keeping attention can be the biggest challenge and using an iPad is a game changer. The students are much more engaged when presented with it. The material being learned can be presented in much more of a game like scenario that helps to keep their attention. (http://www.post-gazette.com/news/health/2013/09/09/Breaking-Down-Barriers-iPad-helpful-tool-for-special-needs-students/stories/201309090197)

Using Apple TV

iPad in Education - Apple TV in the Classroom Guide.


Making a presentation on an iPad could not be more simple than when creating it through Keynote. This amazing app will work across all Apple products so you can easily create and share. There are endless features in this app that help you bring your presentation to life! (http://www.igeeksblog.com/ipad-presentation-apps/)

iPad vs Computer

The iPad can come very close to completely replacing a computer. The iPad allows access to social media, games, the web, and apps like Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. These are the basic functions one would seek in a computer. Not to mention the music and picture capabilities. The iPad is much smaller, more mobile, and less expensive. The ease of use and guided access features make it a better option for students than the traditional computer. (http://ipad.about.com/od/iPad-FAQ/f/Can-An-Ipad-Replace-My-Laptop-Or-Desktop-Pc.htm)

Tool or Toy for small children

Research has proven that iPad use in younger children has educational benefits, but there is still a stigma in handing a small child an iPad. There are many apps that have been shown to help small children with vocabulary and even math. There is research that shows language use improvement in children with development delays. Parents may worry that too much screen time is harmful for their children, but games that are interactive and inspire creativity affect children differently than TV does. (http://www.whattoexpect.com/toddler/ask-heidi/kids-and-ipads-the-pros-and-cons)