Harvard University


The University of Harvard is 450 miles from Huntingtown high school and is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I would get to the campus by driving which would take roughly 8 hours.


A Harvard application is $75 and the average cost per semester is $45,278. 70% of students enrolled receive some type of financial aid. The amount of financial aid any student receives is relevant to their families financial situation and how much is needed for the student to attend the college. it is different for every person.

Acceptance Rate

Harvard only accepts about 5% of all their applicants each year. The amount of undergraduates enrolled at harvard currently is 6,694.

Student Scores

The average SAT score at Harvard University is 2260! The average GPA of all students is 4.04. The average ACT score for Harvard students is 32-35.

Student Life

97% of all students who have been enrolled at Harvard lived on campus for all 4 years. Their first year students typically live in the dormitories and after their first year students are assigned to 1 of 12 houses that are located on campus.


Harvard has a large variety of sports they offer for both men and women. They have many competitive programs that attract the world's top athletes and scholars.