The world of pandas

Patrick P. Period-6

Pandas are in fear, because they one of the endangered species on Earth, however people don't enough to save the giant panda from disappearing forever.

The giant panda lives in parts of Asia near the top right corner of the Earth. Pandas usually live in dense board leaf and forests.

Pandas can live from 15 years to 20 years in the wild, also Pandas can live around a lifespan of 35 years in captivity.

Panda are huge animals that love food especially bamboo it's nearly 100% of their diet, Pandas also like a variety of food such as grass and small rodents in the wild. Pandas in captivity usually have a diet of bamboo, fiber biscuits, apples, sweet potatoes, rice, gruel, and sugar cane.

Pandas are a big part of the world almost everybody know what a panda is. Pandas have changed the world by inspiring people to take action and help save pandas from disappearing forever. Pandas help order the food chain from falling apart ,because the giant panda rids the world of small rodents , such as rats, mice, and many more animals, the giant panda also rids of bamboo considering bamboo is nearly 100% of their diet. Pandas are a part of history throughout millions of years.

Pandas are huge creatures that are thought to be kindly friends, but their still bears in the wild that can grow to be huge sizes. Pandas can grow to two to three feet on four legs, even five feet. Pandas grow around 220 pounds to 250 pounds when full grown adults, female pandas grow normally at the size of 220 pounds, male pandas can grow normally grow around 250 pounds. The giant pandas can grow breath taking sizes of four to six feet on four legs!

Some of the giant panda's natural enemies and predators are the Jackals, leopards, and the yellow throated marten. The jackal is a strange fox like creature that's a carnivore with genus of the wolf, dog, and coyote. The leopard is a fast and huge member of the cat family with big teeth and claw. Leopards are known in areas where pandas live, the west and the southeast part of Asia. The yellow throated marten is a small mammalian that roams the Asian forests with brightly colored-fur. Pandas usually don't fight back unless neccessary, pandas stare down face to face to thier opponent with thier head down. Pandas are very strong creatures that defend themselves from danger. Pandas are still bears that can defend themselves from leopards and jackals and many creatures. Pandas have adapted to living in the wild by finding food, water, and shelter. The giant panda has adapted to living In a dense board leaf forest area, and defensively adapted to other predators around the area.

I think the important and informative part of pandas are what pandas are and how we can save them from disappearing forever.

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