The Gilded age

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Thomas edison

Thomas Alva Edison was born on 1847 . When he was seven went to school for the first time , but his teacher quickly got annoyed because he ask?Ed so many questions . So his mom took him out and home schooled him. Thomas was married twice . Each time he had three children . Charles Edison one of Thomas's son was elected for the gone or of New Jersey . In 1877 the phonograph was invented , but the records didn't last very long they could only be played 2-3 times. Edison bought house for his second wife . On October 18, 1931 he died in his house


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Andrew Carnige

Andrew was born in Scotland in 1835. The family didn't have enough money so they moved to Pittsburg. To support his family he went to work at a cotton factory. He got $1.20 a week . Andrew met Thomas a. Scott in a telegraph office . Thomas really liked Andrew so he gave him a job he got $35 a week. When Andrew was 30 he built a steel factory. At one point he made more steel than all of great Brittan. Andrew with all of the money he made made over 2,500 library's . Bye the time he died he had gave over 300 million dollars away and set another 125 million set away to keep building

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Strike hits the nation

All the workers wanted better living conditions and work time. 1877 railroad workers were mad because there pay was getting cut. 1886 workers joined together and fought for shorter working times they thought it should be no More then eight hours. On May third on Chicago police men stopped the fighting striking workers.


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union pacific in Indian terretorries

in 1864 railroad act gave more land and loans to railroad companies. 16000 dollars for 20 miles on ground level and 48000 in the mountains. The Soiux were very sneaky about attacks on the railroad workers. They hired soldiers to protect the workers but that didn't work so the workers had to work and sleep with rifles

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