by:Kaitlyn Rigdon

What is a meteor?

Meteors are little chunks of rocks and debris in space. Some people like to call them shooting stars. Because they fall through a planets atmosphere and it leaves a trail of little pieces of the meteor.

What was the very first meteor Earth discovered?

A rock sample with the name of NWA 7325 was found on Earth and is known for being the very first meteor that has been discovered. The meteor was found crashed in Morocco, Africa. It is said that it had a huge impact and made its way around Mars and into Earth.

What was the most recent meteor and what was the impact?

The most recent meteor crashed into Russia and impact was brutal. More than 1,100 people were injured. The meteor was traveling 33,000 mph which is faster than the speed of sound. And has an estimated weight of 10 tons.

When is the next Meteor hit?

Scientists have discovered that in 2036, a meteor with the name of Apophis is predicted to hit earth. The size is much bigger than the scientists predicted. It is estimated with a width of 1,066 feet, which is 20% bigger than there inference of 885 feet. Although, the chance of Apophis 2.7% of hitting the Earth. But don’t worry now, its 9 million miles away.

What was the most brutal meteorite in the century?

The most brutal meteorite would be the one that crashed in Russia. It had a diameter of 55 feet and weighed about 10,000 tons. There are large pieces that have not been found yet but scientists are in the works. The energy that it produced is 30 times the power of an Atomic Bomb.

What was the most valuable meteorite in the century?

The most valuable meteorite was the Hoba. It was found in a farm by a farmer in Grootfontein, Namibia. The meteorite had a weight of 66 tons. The reason why it is so valuable is because it is made up of 84% Iron, 16% nickel and other materials. And surprisingly, When it fell from Space, it didn’t leave a crater.