Monument 14

by Emmy Laybourne


Fourteen kids trapped in a Greenway Store while the most disastrous events to ever happen, are happening right outside the big, metal door. Monument 14 is one of the best books on the market right now because of the detailed work and creativeness by Emmy Laybourne. The characters are explained deeply and the plot is amazing. Also, the way that all of the events that happen line up perfectly is outstanding and will win awards! This book has the unexpected happen over and over again without getting dull. Every moment of this book is exciting and it gets you thinking to what could possibly happen in our near future.


The characters in Monument 14 are very well-defined and elaborate. Emmy explained all of the characters completely, including the elementary kids and new-comers. Emmy explained not only the characters personality, but what they looked like and their character. She described all of the characters at the beginning of the book, and also throughout each scene or chapter. Emmy Laybourne also did an excellent job with describing the store the kids were stuck in and how things went about in the store. She explained everything from where the kids slept and went to the bathroom, to where the kids were at at all times of the day. Some other things that Emmy described were the characters emotions and what they were thinking, and their motives for doing what they had done.

Emmy Laybourne

Emmy Laybourne is an outstanding author who has written several books about interesting topics like for example, this book was about natural disasters. Emmy likes to use details to describe her events, characters, and setting. Laybourne also uses a lot of adjectives to add more to the story. She also does this so you can get a picture in your head whether it be the setting or what the characters look like. I really like Emmy Laybourne's way of writing because she uses things that are far-fetched, but not too far-fetched and insane.


All in all, I really enjoyed this book and I think that you would too! It has well thought out characters that add more interest to the story. Another reason you should read this book is because there are twists and turns to the story every chapter or so, so you are always eager to see what happens next. The last reason you should read this novel is because the ending is fantastic and you'll never see it coming!
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