All Sports Helps All

Adding all sports to WSCA

They would help us because...


Variety would benefit students in many ways. First variety would give us something new to try and practice, kinda like the thing parents will tell their kids "You need to try new things".Variety would get us away from the usual sports like soccer, track, and football. It would let us expand our horizons. Also Variety would give students a chance to find something they may be really good at like, tennis or hockey. Lastly Variety would give students a chance to experience different cultures sports.

Everyone Having a Chance At Sports

If each kids found a sport to be good at their school spirit could increase. Also if everyone found a sport to be good at then the rate of obesity would drop because of kids exercising. I know some people might say well this is only for WSCA students and it won't affect the rest of America. Well to that I say that: Yes, you're right but if we start in this school and other schools see how well are students are doing then they might start adding more sports. Thus this action would spread and the rate of obesity would go down in America.

The Rate of Obesity

*The Anxiety and Depression Association of America says that exercise can reduce anxiety, depression and stress.*This is one reason why sports would be good for students because it would help relieve some of the stress students may be under because of projects or other school things. Also according to the Harvard School of Public Health being fit can help you live longer and it can protect you from heart disease.

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