Pageant DVDs

Professional Video for Participants & Their Parents

Don't Let Their Hard Work Fade Away!

Your contestants work so hard to prepare for your pageant. No matter who wins the crown, those memories should last a lifetime. So don't leave capturing those moments up to parents and their iPhone footage...

Rely on the video professionals!


When you bring SharpShooters Video out for your pageant, every parent and participant will get a MUCH BETTER keepsake than what they'd be able to capture on their own:

  • Clear audio straight from the sound system - perfect for those Interviews!
  • Close-ups of each & every participant as they cross the stage
  • Multiple camera angles capture the best angles throughout the show
  • Interactive DVD design makes it easy to skip to exactly what you want to see

More than the Memories

And for those who are especially hungry for the crown, video makes a GREAT teaching tool. Give your contestants the opportunity to review their performances in the most professional way possible!