The Crucible

Respect and Reputation

By: Abby Harford and Mason Galde

Essential Question

Can business's maintain a good reputation and still be respected in todays controversial market?


To earn a good reputation within a community you need to be respected.

Example from Abigail Williams from the Crucible

In the crucible Abigail Williams accuses other people that are well respected to get revenge on people because she was jealous of them. She accuses many people and they get hanged, her reputation becomes good in the judges eyes, but in the community she is not respected and her reputation is terrible. (According to the book "the Crucible" by Arthur Miller 2003)

Comapnies with Bad Reputations

Example from John Proctor from the Crucible

Towards the end of the novel Proctor confesses about being involved in witchcraft, to save his life. Proctor then decides that by confessing he will be remembered as a coward. He dies for the for the right cause to save his reputation and earn back his respect from the people.

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