Loveland Leader

Summer 2020


The mission of Loveland elementary school, in partnership with our actively involved community, is to promote excellence and instill a desire for learning by challenging each individual within a safe, supportive environment.

Loveland's Expectations

Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Dear Loveland Families,

I hope you are relaxed, recharged, and ready to start the 2019-20 school year. I am so excited you are part of our amazing learning community. I welcome and value your positivity and dedication to excellence in education. I look forward to working with you and your children throughout 2019-20 school year.

Please welcome our new staff members to Loveland. They are excited to get started and look forward to being part of our Loveland school community.

Ms. Meghan Torchia - Special Education Teacher

Mrs. Charity Andrews - 1st Grade Teacher

Dr. Lynn Spady - EY Teacher

Mrs. Patty Wrighton - Art Teacher

Finally, the entire Loveland Staff look forward to seeing you at our Sneak-A Peek Night on Monday, August 12th from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. On behalf of the entire staff at Loveland, thank you for all you do to support our students, staff, and school community.

Ms. Hornung

Loveland Principal

Calendar Reminders

Aug. 12 Sneak-A-Peek 6-7 pm

Aug. 14 School Begins 8:40 am

Aug. 22 Curriculum Night 6-7:15 pm

Aug. 29 6th Gr. Outdoor Ed. Parent Mtg. WMS 6:30 pm

Sept. 2 Labor Day No School

Sept. 3 Elementary Instrumental Curriculum Night WMS 6 pm

Sept. 9 CC Mtg. 7 pm

Sept. 11-12 6th Gr. Outdoor Ed.

Sept. 16-27 Loveland Launch Fundraiser

Sept. 23 Picture Day

Sneak-A-Peek - Monday, August 12th 6-7 pm

  • Visit classrooms
  • Meet your teacher
  • See daily schedule
  • Deposit lunch money
  • Club 66 Before/After school registration
  • Community Club Committee sign ups

2020-2021 School Year

When the 2020-2021 school year begins on Thursday, August 13th, the school day will start at 8:30 am and end at 3:30 pm. Every Wednesday, the school day will end at 3 pm. This gives the teachers throughout the district collaboration time by attending weekly professional learning meetings. Every other day is a 3:30 pm dismissal.

School Arrival

Our school day begins at 8:30 am. Students may enter the building at 8:20 am. We ask that students not arrive before 8:20 am unless:

  • Participating in a school activity
  • Serving on Safety Patrol
  • Working with a teacher
  • Attending Club 66 Before & After Care program

Why Can't I arrive Early? Teachers are involved in team meetings, staff meetings and individual planning from 8-8:20 am.

Important Reminders

Please call the school office at 402-390-6455 before 8:30 am if:

  • Your child will be absent from school for any reason
  • Your child will be late for school.
  • You would like to join your child for lunch and need to order a tray for yourself.

Often times parents will email or tell the teacher when their child/children will be absent, however, the office needs to know as well. We would appreciate your help with theis anytime you know your child will be out of school.

Also, please let the office know if you are going to be out of town and someone else will be taking care of your child/children. In the case of an emergency, we don't want to waste precious time trying to get in touch with someone who is not available.

Morning Drop-Off Procedures

Morning drop off for all grade levels is on Ridgewood Avenue. Please do not use the parking lot as a drop off area. The doors available for students to enter in the morning are located on Ridgewood Avenue. The gates on Loveland Drive will remain locked until dismissal time, and no other doors will be unlocked for students to enter.

Students may NOT be dropped off before 8:25 am. Students needing to be dropped off before 8:25 am must enroll in the morning Club 66 Program. We ask all parents please stay in their cars and use the drop-off lane in the morning. The 6th grade safety patrol, Mrs. Streff, and Mrs. Sloup will be outside on Ridgewood Avenue helping children out of their cars and they will be keeping traffic moving safely. Please have your child get out on the passenger side of the car. Remember, we have these procedures in place to ensure the safety of all students.

Drop Off/Pick Up Tips

  • When dropping off your child in the morning, pull forward as much as you are able to allow more than one car to drop off at the same time. If you need to enter the building for any reason, you must find a space in the lot or neighborhood and walk your child into the building. Please do not accompany your child to the classroom at this time.

  • Please DO NOT park in the handicap spaces unless you are entitled to do so by having a sticker or a placard visible.

  • When picking up at the end of the day, stay in your car and pull forward as much as possible. Your child will then be permitted to enter your car with a teacher escort. Once again, if you need to enter the building or get out of your car for any reason, you must find a place to park in the lot or neighborhood.

  • Staff will be on duty before and after school to assist your child in any way.


Each school day begins with taking attendance. It is very important that students be in their classrooms by 8:30 am so they are not missed during this procedure.

We also take attendance immediately following the lunch recess, which means that if students leave campus for lunch with a parent, they need to be back when that attendance is taken.

The school secretary will call the home or work of parents who have not called in and reported their child's absence. Please help us with this by calling the office at 402-390-6455 by 8:30 am when your student is not coming to school or will be late for school. Safety is our focus in making this request.

Students coming in after 8:30 am or after attendance is taken in the afternoon must come to the office and sign in. Students coming or going during the day for appointments, illness, etc., must also sign out through the office.

Class Assignment Update

Back to School Teacher Assignment Letters will be emailed to families on August 9th. We look forward to seeing you and your child at our Sneak-A-Peek Night on August 12th at 6 pm!

Beginning of the Year Kindergarten Schedule

Letters were sent to all kindergarten families informing you of your child's placement in either Group 1 or Group 2. As a reminder, please see the schedule below:

Kindergarten students in Group 1 - Attend school on Wednesday, August 14th and Thursday, 15th.

Kindergarten students in Group 2 - Attend school on Friday, August 16th and Monday, August 19th.

Beginning on Tuesday, August 20th all kindergarten students will come to school every day on the regular school schedule.

2019-20 Loveland Community Club

Executive Board

President - Amanda Smith

Advisor - Joy Suder

Vice President - Russell Johnston

Secretary - Carrie Strovers

Treasurer - Jackie Anderson

Co-Treasurer - Lindy Bender

Nominations - Melissa Gerard

Grade Representatives

Kindergarten - Jodi Packett

1st Grade - Lisa Preston

2nd Grade - Carrie Strovers

3rd Grade - Andi Fisher

4th Grade - Traci Davies

5th Grade - Lindsey Semrad

6th Grade - Sarah Newman

K-6 Loveland Curriculum Night

Curriculum night will be held on Thursday, August 22nd from 6-7:15 pm. Curriculum night is designed to inform you about your child's academic and social expectations at Loveland. Your involvement in our partnership is very important, and we hope to see you on August 22nd at 6 pm.

6-6:30 pm - Class Presentation

6:35 - Community Club meeting in the gym

6:45-7:15 pm - Class Presentation

Fifth Graders and Parents Take Note!

Your fifth grade child will have the opportunity to try out band and string instruments during the first two weeks of school. We invite you to encourage your child to take part in this opportunity. We will send home information to parents after each presentation and tryout experience is completed. We look forward to teaching your child to play a Band or String instrument.


Gail Carpenter-Johnson, Viktoria Matheson, and Mike Freeman

2019-2020 Meal Prices

Daily Hot lunch - $2.40

10 lunches - $24.00

Reduced Lunch - .40 (free/reduced application available)

Milk - .50

Adult Lunch - $3.65

Breakfast - $1.50

Adult Breakfast - $2.35

Reduced Breakfast - .30


Email is a great way to communicate with your child's teacher. The westside format is as follows:


For a full list of Loveland staff email visit

Online Newsletters

In an effort to save paper resources and to reduce printing costs, we will continue to put the newsletter on our school website and will email a copy to families on the first Friday of every month. Please make sure we have your most current email address.

Personal Property Reminder

Students are reminded that all personal items, such as skateboards, electronic devices, toys, footballs, basketballs, etc., are not to be brought to school unless specifically requested by the classroom teacher. These items are costly and could be damaged or lost.

Summer Box Tops

Fundraising for Your School is a Picnic! Help us earn dollars for our school by collecting Box Tops for Education. Simply trim unexpired Box Tops and tape them to the collection sheet OR put them in a baggie. Return your Box Tops in August when you come back to school. Remember to include

your name and teacher's name on your submission. Keep collecting all year long. Fundraising is a picnic!

Flip-Flops and Recess/Gym A Dangerous Combination!

While flip-flops are very cute and popular, they present some safety challenges for our students out at recess and on gym days. If your student likes to be active at recess, please consider sending safer shoes for those recess/gym feet!

Use of Telephone and Cell Phone Procedures

All after school arrangements should be made by children and parents before arriving at school. Students will not be able to use the phone to make after school arrangements.

If cell phones are brought to school, they are to be kept in backpacks with ringers turned off during the school day. They may only be used by students outside of the school building prior to 8:20 am or after 3:30 pm dismissal. If the need arises, school phones are always available.

Living Apart

What if you only see your child a couple of times a week? You can still be involved in your child's education.

  • Inform the teacher you would like to receive progress reports (this may be electronic), conference schedules (when appropriate), and notices about school activities.
  • Attend parent/teacher conferences to show your child that both parents are behind him/her - acting as a team.
  • Provide your child with a special folder to save school papers for you. That way, you'll see your child's finished work as well as the teacher's comments.

Please Keep us Informed

Once school has started, we ask all families to keep the office informed when anything changes at home. Children become alarmed when something comes up at school and we are unable to locate anyone. A phone call, visit, or email updating us in the following areas would be appreciated:

  • A change in your phone number or address at home or work.
  • You have a separation or divorce, or an addition or death in the family
  • If your child is being picked up by someone other than usual.
  • If your child is going to the doctor or dentist
  • Any other change in routine

The school needs a yearly update of any legal documentation concerning your child. This might include restraining orders or custody changes, for example. Lastly, please inform the school if parents are not living together, and if both would like any mailings from the school.

Medication/Health Information

The health office must have a written, signed and dated Medication Authorization form from the parent or guardian requesting that his/her child be given medication during the school day (prescription or over-the-counter). This form is available in the office.

  • All medication must be brought to school and taken home from school by a parent. It must be in the original container, labeled with the child's name, date prescribed, name of medication, directions for use, dosage information and the time the medication is to be given.
  • Cough drops and any over-the counter medication must be in the original box/package, and a Medication Authorization form must be filled out. These medications are kept in the health office.
  • Scrapes and cuts are washed and bandaged, if needed. We do not and cannot use any ointment or cleaning product on an individual. If an injury is severe or questionable, a parent will be contacted.
  • All medication, including cough drops, must be picked up by a parent at the end of the duration. We will not send any medication home with a child.

Loveland's Daily Schedule

8-8:30............Staff Planning

8:25...............Safety Patrol on Duty

8:30...............Bell Rings, Students Arrive, Staff in Classrooms

8:40...............Classes Begin

8:40...............Attendance/Lunch Count Taken

1:10...............Afternoon Attendance Taken

3:25...............Safety Patrol on Duty

3:30...............School Dismissal (3:00 on Wednesdays)

Lunch/Recess Schedule

11:50-12:10 Kdg. to lunch

12:10-12:30 Kdg. to recess

12:10-12:30 1st grade to lunch

1:30-12:50 1st grade to recess

12:25-12:45 2nd grade to lunch

12:45-1:05 2nd grade to recess

11:45-12:05 3rd grade to lunch

12:05-12:25 3rd grade to recess

12:00-12:20 4th grade to lunch

12:20-12:40 4th grade to recess

11:40-12:00 5th grade to lunch

12:00-12:20 5th grade to recess

12:30-12:50 6th grade to lunch

12:50-1:10 6th grade to recess

Traffic Flow - Drop Off/Pick Up Areas

The safety of students, parents, and staff is very important to us. We ask that you review the procedures below and give your continued support as we make arrival and dismissal times safe for all students.

ARRIVAL - Students may be dropped off on Ridgewood Avenue only. We have student valets and staff assigned on Ridgewood Avenue to help get students out of the cars and into the building. Cars should never be parked and left unattended.

DISMISSAL - ONE WAY SOUTH, 8:00 am-4:00 pm - GRADES 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th

There are two lanes of moving traffic. All students waiting for rides will wait at the far end of Ridgewood Avenue (near the storm shelter). Teachers will be there to help get students into cars and on their way. We will also have staff helping with the traffic. We ask for your help and support, please be patient as you slowly approach the area for student pick up.


Teachers will accompany all kindergarten and first grade students to Loveland Drive. All siblings will join them on Loveland Drive. Parents are to drive through and wait for teachers to help students get into the cars. Parents, we ask that you do NOT park on both sides of Loveland Drive or in private driveways, and that you never leave your car unattended to walk down to the playground.

*Please do not enter the parking lot for drop off. At 8:20 am cones are put across the entrance to block traffic from entering. This allows staff to find a parking place and keeps the parking lot safe from moving traffic.