Resources In St.Petersburg

*Remember* This does not agree on slavery.

How Can Human, Timber, Arable Land, And Water Be Resources?

In my opinion, the humans can be a resource. First, let me tell you the definition of the resource

  1. something that a country has and can use to increase its wealth
  2. a natural feature or phenomenon that enhances the quality of human life
  3. a source of information or expertise

Humans are all in this category which sort of justifies the reasoning. Except the fact that we are actual intelligent livings and are paid for these features. (This is my opinion so you may disagree)

Timber, arable land, and water also fits the category

What Are Good Environment For These 4 Resources Production?

A best condition that a person, timber, water, and arable land can live and is anywhere in land that is a place has flat land. The reason for this is that they can produce a lot of food and a little more easily build houses in the flat land and easily get the material for the building. Also this human resource need a lot of resources like water or timber or space to be stabilized. If humans don’t have those resources, then they would possibly die off. Water is in every lakes, rivers, and oceans in the world, but fresh water is only in rivers and lakes. Human resource is a renewable resource since they can have babies as well, timber has seeds that grows other timber so it should be renewable, water in this case should be fresh so it should be flow, and arable land is just there.(*More human resource in certain area originally can boost the production of it*)

Differences Between The Amount Of Human Resource

Geological Location And The Resources Of St.Petersburg

Population: 4,848,742

Brief Location: North Western Russia

Geographical Features Of The Environment: Has overall flat land with forests. Also, there is a Baltic Sea beside the city and Volga River nearby.

Climate: Extremely cold(about till -40) to extremely hot(about till 40)

Overall Geographical Advantages Of St.Petersburg:

  • Rivers provides water resource
  • Forest provides timber resource
  • Flat land provides space for building and corp field.
  • Originally high population

Overall Geographical Disadvantages of St.Petersburg:

  • Extreme climate

Differences Between Usage Of Human Resource By Different Culture

This unique resource is used slightly differently by each cultures. First, in the west african region, most people are put in agricultural work because they live traditionally. They work their fields in arable lands to get food. Second, in the European cultures, some people work in their houses making traditional beer to sell to others, and some farms in arable land to give the crop needed for the alcohol. Some of these recipes came down the family tree. The last culture would be in Russia, people cut these trees that are used for building houses as well as heating the house or human body itself. Even though other culture uses these things are different, water is always for drinking. (*In this case, all the economic actions are valued as resources because it helps other humans*)

How Will 4 Resources Effect The World?

These four resources will chose the future of the humans. If any of these resources are gone, there won't be humans in the future.These resources are located almost everywhere in the world, but we still need to preserve it. St. Petersburg is only one of the places that all four resources. Helsinki, Moscow, Montreal, Wien, Sydney, etc all have at least 3 of the resources for survival.