Howe's Happenings Week 21 2015-2015

German and Reading Acceleration at LOHS

What did we do last week?

Last week, Reading Acceleration students became more familiar with typical non-fiction text structures and chose independent reading books. This week, we will create personal text maps and learn about types of questioning.

Last week, German 1 students continued learning to ask and answer introductory questions about themselves. Your children should now be able to tell you their name, age, where they live, and maybe even a hobby in German! This week, we will continue to practice exchanging personal information and learn about the states of Germany and major German-speaking countries in Europe. Students have their first test on Thursday, February 11.

Last week, German 2 students learned to describe the rooms in their homes and the furniture in those rooms. They began designing their dream homes or apartments. This week, we will work on describing our dream homes. Students have their first test on Thursday, February 11.

Scheduling Materials Will Be Collected This Week

Students will turn in their scheduling requests for the 2016-2017 school year on Tuesday. Please read below for some information on the World Language requirement and German courses offered at LOHS. Please feel free to contact me, if I can answer any questions about World Language or ELA courses and requirements.

Michigan Merit Curriculum and the World Language Requirement

According to the Michigan Merit Curriculum, students must complete two credits of the same World Language. Lake Orion students receive high school credit for language courses taken at Oakview, Scripps, and Waldon. Students have the opportunity to begin or continue French, Spanish and/or German here at LOHS.

In September 2014, a modification to the World Language requirement was passed. Students may now fulfill the requirement in one of three ways:

* Option 1: Two credits (or the equivalent) of high school World Language (same


* Option 2: One credit (or the equivalent) of high school World Language and 1 CTE

Program or Curriculum (Example: Computer Applications, Computer Programming

1, Computer Programming 2, AND Computer Programming Languages)

* Option 3: One credit (or the equivalent) of high school World Language and 1

additional credit (Michigan Merit already requires 1 credit) of Visual, Performing or

Applied Arts.

As students plan their course schedules, we strongly encourage students to take their language courses consecutively. We also encourage students to contact the colleges and universities they hope to attend to see if they require World Language for college admission. In Michigan, Grand Valley State, Michigan State, and the University of Michigan require two years of the same World Language for admission. Many colleges and programs also require World Language for college graduation. Some Lake Orion students have earned college credit on placement exams because of their high school classes.

German @LOHS

Students wishing to complete their World Language requirement in German should complete German 1 and German 2.

Students wishing to continue German at LOHS should check out German Conversation and Composition and German Language and Culture. These courses are offered in alternate years whenever enrollment is high enough. For course descriptions/topics, please contact me or check out our Curriculum Handbook here.

Students who successfully complete all the German courses offered at LOHS have the option of dual-enrolling or continuing German online. Some LOHS students have placed into second semester and second year courses at OU and OCC. If this option is right for your child, he/she may earn college credit during high school.

If you have questions about German, please contact me and/or your child's counselor.

Term 3 Parent Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, March 1st, 4-8pm

495 East Scripps Road


Third Term Parent Teacher Conferences take place in the Commons and the Auxiliary Gym. Please stop by if you would like to discuss your child's progress. I look forward to seeing you!