Terrorists destroy Paradise Ohio HS

I am Number 4

Not everyone is who they seem to be.

Nine aliens from another planet are hiding on earth from an enemy sent out to kill them. " I am number four of a race of aliens sent to planet earth". This is what number 4 told Sam before they went to save Henri from alien finatics. This shows his trust in Sam to not tell anyone his secret. "If Henri found out I let sarah take a picture of me he would kill me". This shows number 4's trust in sarah to not tell her his secret too early or he would have to leave. This realtes to the theme because number four was seen as a human in the eyes of Sarah and Sam until they gained his trust. Once they gained his trust he could tell them who he really was. This reminds me of the alex rider series because he has to go into a secret facility and one he finds an ally he can tell them he is a secret agent.

An alien race is sent to earth to hide and train until they are ready to rebel agenst their enemies.

I am number 4

Number four has been running all his life from the mogodorians, an alien race sent to kill lorien. Once he moves to paradise Ohio he makes two friends and an enemy. He meets sam a alien lover who is obsessed with alien theories and Mark a football player who picks on 4. As four trains he begins to fall in love with sarah and needs to take down mark her old boyfriend. After being kidnapped in the woods by Mark and his friends, 4 has to release his powers on Mark. After that Mark begins to respect 4 and stops picking on him. But 4 has tracked too much attention and the mogodorians find him. This leads to a huge battle that ends up destroying the whole school and 6 and 4 meet. 6, 4, and Sam leave to keep hiding and leave Sarah and Mark back in Paradise for their own safety.

Pittacus Lore

There is little known about this Authot besides his facebook. I also know he lives on Earth along with all of his fans. This Book has also won the teen's choice award in 2011. It was nominated as People's choice award but did not win.