Sustainability at St. Mary's

February 2015

February Projects - Full Steam Ahead

This February, we've been working on a multitude of projects. Read below on how you can get involved, find a sustainable job, or to find out what we've been up to in the Office!

A Look Into Sustainable Careers

The Sustainability Office interviewed individuals who are making a difference in the sustainability field. Read below for their words of wisdom!

Lindsay Fahey at the Center for Nature and Leadership

Lindsay is an equity partner at the Center for Nature and Leadership, an institution focused on supporting emerging leaders, and creating a Nature-Based Leadership network in order to foster a sense of community learning among these leaders.

CNL takes a cross-generational, and cross-sectoral approach, relying on all generations of knowledge and wisdom, and pulling from every sector of business and operation, to create a holistic, constantly learning community, not set in any particular way of thinking.

This path is outlined in their various retreat opportunities, which focus on self-reflection within nature, with the ultimate goal of inward thinking to promote outward contribution and change. Too often, professionals, and even professionals looking to move into the sustainability field, limit themselves to stringent goals, and logical, analytical plans, leading to confusion, frustration, and an anxiety in where to go next. CNL focuses on developing all human skills, including those of emotional and intuitive strength, and learning how to balance these skills to make the best decisions moving forward.

What advice does she have for graduates and almost-graduates coming into the workforce?

To be critical. Think about where and when you've done your best work; that is, work that you are proud of, and work that you've been your happiest completing. Will the job and company you are applying to provide you with a similar environment?

Additionally, be passionate. "Potential employers will see right through you," says Fahey, of the all familiar "mass-apply" tactic, becoming more common as the application process moves to completely digital. Think closely about each position you are applying for, considering your unique skills. "What would you be able to provide to a company that is unique to your skill set?"

The Center for Nature & Leadership was created in 2012, and is located in Washington, D.C. For more information, check out their website:

Julie Roby at GreeNEWit

Julie is the director of residential energy solutions at greeNEWit, where she oversees the sales and operations of homeowner energy audits. GreeNEWit focuses on helping homeowners, commercial building owners, and businesses to find ways to sustainably run their space, through energy efficiency projects, renewable energy systems, and operational change suggestions. Julie's favorite part of her job is hearing how her customers benefit from greeNEWit's services, through lower utility bills, and a greater understanding of how their energy use affects the environment.

Retrofitting and energy auditing are two very practical, and important pieces to the climate change puzzle, solutions that save both money, and energy. GreeNEWit works to support the EmPOWER Maryland Act goals of emissions reductions, and also creates local jobs. The potential in this field is ever-growing, as the demand for greener and cleaner technologies keeps growing.

What advice does she have for graduates and almost-graduates entering the workforce?

"Do your research on the companies you're applying to, but also ask lots of questions during the interview and of course, follow up. Strong follow up not only keeps you at the top of the hiring manager's list, but shows you are organized, passionate and driven to succeed. Don't be afraid to work for a start-up (like me!) because they often have the most flexibility when it comes to facilitating your personal growth."

GreeNEWit was created in 2008 in Columbia, Maryland, and is currently hiring!

SEAC's 2015 Polar Bear Plunge

Friday, March 6th, 4:30pm

Water front

Join SEAC at the water front to raise awareness on climate change!

Bring a towel, and shoes to wear into the water. They'll bring the hot chocolate!

Arbor Week

Monday, March 30th, 10am to Friday, April 3rd, 5pm

Campus Wide Celebration

Help celebrate our College's commitment to local plant and tree diversity on campus! Look out for specific details on events like Yoga in the Remembrance Garden, lectures, movies, and a Rain Garden planting!
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