Mrs. Chadwick

Kindergarten Rocks!

Week One in Kindergarten

Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire! ~William Butler Yeats

Week One

Our first week of kindergarten was great! Even though we were only in school for four days, we learned a lot! Our main focus was to learn how to behave like a kindergartener, but we also learned how to read by looking at the pictures in the book! In Math, we learned to look for things that were exactly alike! We started stations in both Math and Literacy. We learned the letter t and the "tricky" words I, can and like. Please practice these words at home. I will be working on how to get more photos on here. It was a very busy week. I am sure your children were exhausted when they got home, I know I was! Get ready for a hot week two!

Week two sneek peek

This week we will be very busy!

In Reader's Workshop, we will learn what Reader's Workshop is and what it will look like in our classroom. We will also look at different books and find out what types of books interest your child.

In Math, we will work on classifying items based on their attributes. We will answer questions like, why do things look different and how are they the same?

In Fundations, we will be practicing letter and sounds for the letters t, b and f. We will be learning the sight words "go" and "see", please practice these words at home.

In Social Studies, we will learn about friendship and learn ways to become good friends ourselves!

Peet, Mystery Can & Snack

Pete and Mystery Can start their journeys home this week. Please have fun and be sure to send them back the next day after your visit. Other children will be anxiously awaiting their return so they can have a turn. If you did not fill out the contract, your child will not be able to bring Pete home. Should you need another contract, please let me know. Thank you!

All of this work makes us very hungry, please remember to send in two snacks each day! We were so busy this week that we were not able to have snack the last couple of days in the afternoon. I will be sure to schedule it in during our afternoon stations. Sorry about that! I had to give out many, many snacks this week and my supply is running low. I may not always be able to give a snack to kids who do not have them.

Help Wanted

As you are all aware, I have a LARGE and LIVELY class this year! I only have an aide in the morning, so I am looking for volunteers to help. If you are willing to help me, please either send me a note in your child's red folder or send me an email. I REALLY appreciate it! Thank you in advance.


Many parents are asking what we need for the classroom. At this time, we could really use some Clorox wipes, extra snacks for friends who may forget and baggies of all sizes. Thank you so much for supporting our class.

Sanders St. Kindergarten News!!

Mrs. Maillet and myself are working together and teaching the same information. We plan together, so our days look very much the same. To save time, we have decided to have one Kindergarten Newsletter for Sanders Street. Starting next week, we will have one newsletter that will go out to both classrooms. We will have a section for Mrs. Chadwick's News and a section for Mrs. Maillet's News. These sections will relate specifically to each of our rooms. It will be the same as what you see here except that there will be pictures from Mrs. Maillet's class in a different section. I hope you enjoyed the newsletters! It is so much fun to see your children learning and having fun at school!

Thank you for all that you do!!! Keep up the great work!!

Contact information!

If you have questions anytime feel free to contact me at school or via email. Remember to send notes in the red folder!