Slaughter's Tech Moment

Christmas Edition

Need Something for those Elves to work on!

If you are looking for a classroom activity for your students to do that is captivating and incorporates critical thinking, get your account on started. You do not have to know how to write code for them to be able to enjoy creating and manipulating code. Writing code helps students with following directions and critical thinking. You can assign students courses and even print certificates as they complete assignments.

Another fun site for coding is PencilCode. It is an excellent way to play with code and learn through discovery!

If you have not tried Scratch, you should check it out. This is the site that even Harvard uses for teaching the fundamentals of programming. The remarkable thing is that it can be simple or complex. Again, it is a great way to get your feet wet with coding.

When you are ready for a greater challenge, check out Codeacademy and open sources like edX.

Christmas Coding Gifts for Kids

Edit Pictures for Projects

From making Christmas tags for my family to altering student pictures for writing prompts, I have enjoyed editing and playing with pictures. Students have made themselves into snowmen and much more. For one descriptive prompt, I took black and white photos of students and they had to describe a feature they liked most about themselves (eyes, feet, athletic ability, etc). Using the photos we discussed how words can paint a vivid picture in the mind of a reader. Pictures are a great way to bring fun and technology into a project.

Some great sites for photo editing:




Some Holiday Group Ideas

Reverse Charades

I walked into Michelle Smart's classroom yesterday and her students were playing this game. Those students were having a blast! It is definitely on my list of holiday games! Here is the link to the app.

Just Say It!

Similar to Taboo and just as fun! You have to explain the word to your team without using the words that are on your screen.

Play Karaoke

Mirror an app like Sing Along Christmas to your Smart TV or computer with Apple TV or other streaming devices like Roku to enjoy group karaoke.
Merry Christmas

Enjoy Technology, but Remember to Make Memories!

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