It's a mystery!

Atlantis is a unsolved city. Some say it is a myth,but I say let's figure it out! Was founded by Poseidon. According to Plato it disappeared in one night with a lot of smoke and a lot of water.
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A anchor that is from ATLANTIS. If found please RETURN to this name:


It may hold the clues to FINDING ATLANTIS!!!!!!!!!!


Loved Atlantis so he kept his children there to protect them from danger so he was the founder and maker of Atlantis. He made it very comforting.So he wanted to raise his children there but it got swept away by a tsunami.
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All about my Enigma

Atlantis is a mystery nobody, at least that I know of, that has found Atlantis. Let us get started. Scientist believe that Atlantis sank or lifted. I personally think it got swept away by a tsunami.


Plato made many theories about Atlantis some were quite interesting,so that made people think that his theories were true. I personally think that his theories were false because the story Plato told about Atlantis are still browsing the area after more than 2,300 years after Plato's death.

Where Atlantis might be

Atlantis might be in Azores near Spain,but I think it is in Ancient Greece.

The End?

Scientist are slowing down on this mystery.We need to start researching more to get info. Think CAREFULLY when you do this project.Please start as soon as possible or ASAP and call it the THE END? file.