Summer Reading Project

Savvy and Up close: Bill Gates


This is a story about a 12 year old girl that is turning thirteen while her father is in the hospital. During this period of time he is in the hospital she gets emotionally overwhelmed. Not only is she dealing with her fathers illness she is also undergoing many changes. She is not like other girls and at the age of thirteen she get her savvy, or special ability. The story follows her as she grows into a mature young lady and how she overcomes many emotional and physical obstacles. Although she has special powers she has to learn to deal with and use wisely, she in many ways is just like any other 12 year old girl.
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This is a picture of Mibs who is the main character of Savvy. I chose this picture because the book is about her,
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This picture is a picture of a temporary tattoo that is on her friends back. I chose this picture because this is when Mibs found out her savvy was reading minds through ink on skin.

Bill Gates

This book about Bill Gates is informative because it informs the reader about how Bill Gates started Microsoft. I starts off with him as a young boy and how his childhood was the beginning of his path into the world of technology. Not only did this book offer much information about how Bill Gates started Microsoft but it also informed the reader about other companies and their creators. This book also seems to want the reader to understand not only how he built his company but how he was perceived as not fair. It seemed that he was dishonest in building his huge company and that he hurt a lot of people but in the end it also informed me that he gives a lot too.
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This picture is of the Microsoft logo. I chose this picture because it is what everybody knows as Microsoft. It is a logo that is world known.
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This picture of Bill Gates in jail shows that he is not all innocent. I think it represents the side of him that can be dishonest. Some people probably would like to see him behind bars.
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This last picture is of Bill Gates foundation logo. It represents the giving side of his fortune.