Computer's Most Important Rules

Top 5-6 rules that are important

The computer is only for educational purposes ONLY

The school provides access for technology for students but some students think it is cool to use Facebook or publish illegal or inappropriate materials on internet. You are responsible for any illegal behaviour on net the school isn't because the school told you not to do it and you signed an agreement at school.

Don't publish web pages or media that represents students or school staff

Students should not be publishing web pages or media that represents other school staff or students. Publishing web pages or media can get you in a lot of trouble for example:expel, pressed charges against you, suspended.

You should always report inappropriate behaviour with the system

Students should always report behaviour or problems with the system as soon as possible. If you don't report the problems right away you can get in a lot of trouble or problems. Make sure you check the system whenever a problem occurs and but you can report the problem with your system

Fake user ID's and social network

There is a lot of fake user names and emails out there but here are some of the examples that are the most popular in the world for scam

Obey copyright laws

You should always obey copyright laws because if you get caught copying of the internet you can get 0 on your assignments. Only, alter, distribute, perform or display works that are entirely your own and that you have permission from.