My Days on a Train

By: Grace O'Connell

It was SO long, but SO much fun!

For my summer vacation this year, my mom, dad, brother Hugh, and I went on the Golden Eagle Luxury, Trans-Siberian Railway. Going from Moscow to Vladivostok, the trip took 15 days to get to our destination.

The long amount of time getting there and at there.

The trip started on May 14, when my parents chose to go to Russia and go on the Trans-Siberian Railroad. We went there because my parents wanted a change of scenery for the whole family and to experience different cultures and see more of the world. They chose so early so they could get tickets and seats before summer started. We left from Tulsa, OK. The plane ride went straight to Moscow and was 1 full day long. We got there on June 1 so we would be ready to go on the train ride. It started on Jun 5 to Jun 19. 15 days on a train! We got back home on Jun 25. Talk about a long vacation! But here's what happened during the trip there...

Landforms I saw...

During the train ride, we went around Lake Baikal in Siberia. Lake Baikal is the freshwater lake that has the greatest volume in the world. It contains about 20% of the world's unfrozen, fresh surface water. And it is at 1,624 miles deep. It's also among the clearest of all lakes and is 25 MILLION years old.

The Flaming Cliffs

They were discovered by Dr. Roy Chapman Andrews in 1923.1923. They're called "Flaming Cliffs" because during sunset, they turn an red-ornate color. They are located in Mongolia and have the first discovery of dinosaur eggs.

Three of my favorite things I saw and did.

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The Gobi Desert in Mongolia

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Going kayaking in Lake Hovsgol

By: Grace O'Connell

Grace O'Connell



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