Sleeping freshmen never lie

Scott Hudson By:Taylor Thompson


"Scott Hudson's Tom Swifties."

  • " who turned off the light?" tom said dimly
  • "i lost my legs right below the ankles," tom said defeatedly


in Ch 20 someone wrights something mean on lees locker and Scott decides to take down the sign

"but someone had written drop dead across it in black marker. But it wasn't right, no matter how i felt about her. i took the sign down and tore it up."


Scott really likes to read so his teacher thinks he should be on the school paper

"there's a perfect opening for you," Mr. Franka said.


"Book reviews. with your wit, i suspect you'd be good"

("when he mentioned that, these fantasies flashed through my mind. it was like someone pointed out a road i'd never noticed before. i could see my self doing it.")


Scott decides to join the schools new paper to do book reviews but the people that work for the school paper think that he likes sports because he is wearing a sports shirt. so they put him on the sports section, but he does not like sports at all. but he does not say anything he just does the sports section


in Ch. 32 Scott stands up for himself

" Vernon pushed my shoulder. I turned to face him. I wasn't scared anymore. I wasn't scared of anyone.


One day this kid, Wesley took Scott's lunch money.
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Tom Swifties

Scott loves to make up tom swifties. he even as his on little list of ones he made up.
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His Journal

Scott makes this journal for his new baby brother for when he gets to high school. He writes down pretty much ever thing that happens to him, and he writs tips on what to an want not to do.
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The School Paper

Scotts teacher think that he should be on the school paper, so Scott thinks about it and then he does it but one thing happens they put him on the sports section, but he hates sports. after a while he starts to like writing for the sports section.
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Scott is having a baby brother, and it is important because he is doing a survival guide for his baby brother for when he gets to high school.
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Life dreams

I think Scott's dreams will to become a writer because he loves to write and read so one day I think he would like to wright a book