RMS Weekly Event Calendar

January 22 - January 26

What's going on at RMS?

Wow, it has been a crazy second semester so far! It feels as if we have been out more than we have been at school. I hope you all enjoyed your snow days last week and got some rest and relaxation since you couldn't really get out of the house.

Unfortunately, when we miss school, our students also miss instruction and we get behind on the events and activities that were planned while we were out of school. This means that it is even more important that we are intentional in what we are doing in our classrooms each day.

From looking at our school calendar, we only have 43 instructional days before April 1. We will begin our Scantron Spring Assessments at the beginning of April which will be used to determine academic growth of our students. Therefore, every day between now and then is critical to providing our students with the instruction and skills they will need to be successful.

I encourage all of you to create a long range pacing plan for the next 43 instructional days and determine how you are going to provide the instruction for those days. I also encourage you to evaluate your instructional activities to determine the best method in helpin students reach their learning goals.

Hopefully, we will have no more snow or unexpected days out of school before the beginning of April. If so, we will be on an even tighter time frame.

Speaking of Scantron, we will begin the Scantron Winter Assessments with the 7th grade science assessment on Friday. Students in grades 6-8 will take the reading and math next week. Please begin to talk to your students about these upcoming assessments. We will use the results of these assessments to measure the growth of your students during the first semester.

Thank you for all you do each day!

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RMS Mentoring Schedule

This week we will be focusing on "Growth Mindset" with our students.

Monday - Growth Mindset Writing Activity - Students will write about what they learned in class, what they need to work on, and how they can improve.

Tuesday - Growth Mindset Writing Activity - Students will write about mistakes they have made and how they can learn from these mistakes.

Wednesday - Growth Mindset Writing Activity - Students will write about what they don't feel confident about and how they can improve their confidence.

Thursday - Growth Mindset Writing Activity - Students will write about how they can become a better student.

Friday - Growth Mindset Writing Activity - Students will write about the effort they put into their classes.

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December Perfect Attendance

Whitney Clement is the winner of the "Perfect Attendance" award for December! Thank you, Mrs. Clement, for being here every day to help support our students! I am excited to say that our perfect attendance increased from November to December from 35% to 76%. That is a substantial increase and I thank those teachers for your diligence in making sure you were at school each day! It makes a difference in the lives of our students!
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We have hit the cold and flu season and we may find ourselves in need of medical attention. There are times when you are too sick and just don't feel like going to the doctor or don't want to catch something else while sitting in the waiting room. PEEHIP has introduced a great new benefit called TELADOC! TELADOC is now available at NO MEMBER COPAY! TELADOC allows you access to medical care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

If you are interested, read the information below and sign up for an account. There is also an APP available to download on your smart phone.

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Monday, January 22

  • 4-H Meeting - Cafeteria - Students will attend during mentoring time.
  • RMS Basketball vs. Central - Away- 7th grade boys @ 4:00 p.m. - 8th grade girls @ 5:15 p.m. -8th grade boys @ 6:30 p.m.

Tuesday, January 23

  • No Known Activities

Wednesday, January 24

  • Student Student Support Team Meetings - Room 125 - Core curriculum teachers plan to attend during your instructional period.
  • RtI Meeting - Media Center - Immediately after school

Thursday, January 25

  • RCS Board Meeting - Central Office - 8:00 a.m.
  • 8th grade NJHS Meeting - Cafeteria - Students will attend during mentoring time.

Friday, January 26

  • Scantron Winter Assessment - 7th grade science - Mobile Cart