Social Structures

Aztecs, Incas and Mayans


Aztecs social structure is very strict. There are five different parts. The ruler, priest, or royal family, High or government officials, commoners, peasants and serfs. Women had limited power, so all the high ranking positions were accounted by men. Most children were excepted to get an education, but education varied between gender and social class. Aztecs were widely known for their sacrifices, they either took slaves or captured enemies and sacrificed them to their Gods.

Life of Ruler in the Aztecs

The basic jobs for the ruler was to make important decisions for the people. Another was to communicate with different civilizations if it was needed. They had the right to call war and had the final say it everything. The spot for ruler was handed down from generation to generation, and the ruler could only be male.


There were three main classes, the ruler and his family, nobles the commoners/poor. The middle class/ nobles were the government officials, wealthy Incas and priests. Lower class was servants, artisans and farmers. Children from the lower class didn't have the opportunity to go to school, but to follow in the footsteps of their parents. Slaves or children were sacrificed to the Gods, shown as an honor to the people.

Life of Nobles in Inca

Incas nobles usually considered around government. These people would help the ruler or priests. One of their jobs was to collect tributes or offerings and were allowed to exert their money by wearing fancy clothing and jewelry.


the Mayan social structure was made up of 5 parts, Emperor or ruler, priests and nobles, merchants and artisans, peasants and then slaves. The Mayans had a very strict and ridged divide between each part. The spot to become an emperor was always handed down through the royal family. The Mayans had a large slave trade. The slaves, were the people who committed crimes or could not pay their debts. If a child was born into a family of slaves and was not wanted, it became a sacrifice. Mayan children were offered education but poor children often were not.

Life of slaves in Maya

Slaves were either prisoners of war that weren't sacrificed, or Mayan people who committed a crime or didn't pay their debt. Slaves were excepted to do anything, for return of very little to nothing. They were treated poorly, and after their masters died(and if they weren't handed down through the family of the master) they were used as a sacrifice, and is said that they continue their service after death.

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1.All three civilizations sacrificed lives to the Gods.

2.They all has slaves, some of their own people.

3.They all had priests and emperors to rule to help rule the people.

4. Women didn't have as many rights as men.

5. Education to children(some).

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