Update on WHPS Draft Equity Policy

DRAFT Board of Education Equity Policy Communication 5/4/21

WHPS Board of Education Proposes an Important Educational Equity Policy

During the Tuesday, May 4, 2021 WHPS Board of Education (BOE) Meeting, members of the Policy Committee delivered a first reading of a Draft Educational Equity Policy. The Board and the Office of Equity Advancement aim to keep the public to informed and engaged throughout and after the process. This policy will touch the lives of all students in the WHPS system. Equity policy is one more step in WHPS' commitment to an equitable community.

Board Meeting public comments, email communication to the Board, and an anonymous electronic public comment and question form are three ways that the public can provide feedback.

The next Board Meeting is on Tuesday, May 18th at 7:00 PM and is accessible online and via local access channels on a laptop, computer, television or mobile device at https://www.whctv.org/programming/video-on-demand/board-ed-met with closed captioning.

Parents/caregivers, students, educators and community partners can stay informed and learn about ways in which everyone can respond to the Draft Educational Equity Policy.

Public Readings, Information and Engagement

West Hartford Public Schools (WHPS) is committed to the continuous work to establish and sustain an equitable school community. Members of the Board of Education (BOE) have been working this year to develop an Education Equity Policy for fair and just allocation of resources; to identify and eliminate systemic racism, inequities, and barriers to access and opportunity; and to provide a culturally relevant school environment to ensure positive academic outcomes and social emotional growth for every student. The Educational Equity Policy will guide our actions and practices to uphold our district’s Mission and our Vision for Equity and Anti-Racism.

This process involves two public readings at school board meetings.

First Reading- Tuesday, May 4th at 7PM- https://www.whctv.org/programming/video-on-demand/board-ed-met (closed captioned)

  1. A public reading will take place at this Board Meeting.
  2. The draft policy will be posted on the district's and schools' websites for community members to review and offer reactions, comments and recommendations for improvement through an electronic platform.
  3. Feedback will be considered and integrated into the draft policy at a work session to review feedback between the first and second readings.
  4. Written questions and comments in the period between the first and second readings may be submitted electronically beginning May 4th. Public Board Meeting Comments can be made at the beginning and end of Tuesday 7PM Board Meetings on
  • May 4th
  • May 18th
  • June 1st (and at future public Board meetings throughout the 2021-2022 year)

Second Reading- Tuesday, June 1st at 7PM https://www.whctv.org/programming/video-on-demand/board-ed-met (closed captioned)
    1. The policy will go through a second reading at this Board Meeting.

    2. During the second reading, public comments may be offered by phone. Sign up here in advance to request to make a public comment. Access the BOE "How To Guide" for more about how to sign up, call in, email and what to expect or visit Frequently Asked Questions.

    3. After the second reading, the policy is officially adopted to the new school board policy manual.

After the Second Reading and Policy Adoption
    1. The district will incorporate all components of the policy into its District and School Improvement Plans.

    2. The district will continue outreach efforts to engage the community and parents/caregivers in a two-way partnership to increase understanding about the policy and intended outcomes; to build relationships; and to elicit ongoing feedback and ally support for educational equity.

Written Comments/Feedback and Suggestions

Please use this electronic form to share your comments and to provide suggestions for the Board to consider before and after the second reading.