Weekly Notes, News & Whoo Hoos!

March 5, 2014

Business Update

Way to end February Strong!

Over half a million Zip Top Organizing Utility Totes sold in February!

National Conference Chatter!

Registeration Begins on TODAY!

The National Conference Page is LIVE on TOT, click here to check it out!

We will get you added to our Conference Team Facebook Page! This is where we will keep you up on the latest happenings for conference, as well as where everyone is staying. You might even be able to find a roommate(s) from our team to help decrease the cost of your hotel stay.

This page will serve as a great means of communication for everyone while we are at conference, too!

Please post on the Team Facebook page once you are registered.

Please note....when you register you only need to put down $50 deposit....it defaults to $200! See picture below....remember to change it at check out!!

Do you want fries with that? Add-On to Your Order!

Every customer needs a zipper pouch. It’s the ultimate add on!

You can change out your purse by just moving the pouch from one purse to the other, or to the diaper bag. The Thermal Pouches is perfect for your chocolate stash, snacks, make-up and more.

All Pro Tote Presale for New Consultants

We’re so excited to give all new Consultants who joined during the Wonder What’s Possible Incentive (January 15-March 15, 2014) a chance to purchase the All-Pro Tote in Graffiti Dot for only $25 during a special pre-sale March 10-15.

This new style is being offered only to new Consultants who joined January 15-March 15 because they have not had the opportunity to attend a February Celebrate & Connect meeting, where this was given out as the amenity.

Dates to Remember

March 5--National Conference Registration opens

March 13--Last Day for Celebrate & Connect

March 15--Last day for new Consultants to enroll with the Opportunity Incentive

March 17-24--Late Consultant Registration for Celebrate & Connect ($5 non-refundable late fee)

April 3-6--Celebrate & Connect with the Spring Premier!

Kelly Heckert--Senior Executive Director